Scandal (S05E17): “Thwack!”

Review: Last episode we saw how Olivia wants to play fair and square while taking down her opponents to win this election. So no more dirty tricks and paying people off etc.  But this was before there was a potential leak that threatens all the candidates or at least Mellie, Fitz and Elizabeth (and therefore Susan) and Cyrus. This was before Lillian Forester and Andrew Nichols were back…

Lillian Forrester is the reporter Fitz slept with (on several occasions) and Abby has been keeping tabs on her ever since.  At first Abby thinks she has discovered that Lillian is pregnant, but it turns out to be a lot worse than that. Lillian has been visiting Andrew Nichols. Andrew, the former vice president who was responsible for Liv being kidnapped and who’s currently recovering from a stroke in a rehab facility wants revenge.  And Lillian Forrester? Well she is listening and writing the story he’s telling. And so Abby calls Olivia and Olivia pays Andrew a visit, but Andrew is not interested in anything she says. Olivia does find out it, that Andrew ending up in a coma was not an accident, because it was Huck who injected him with some kind of serum that caused a stroke. Also, Andrew Nichols brings up Olivia’s PTSD again. She is having flashbacks and nightmares to the time she was kidnapped (labyrinths, hallways, closed red doors). And the kidnapping is something she has never really dealt with and now all the memories are coming back to haunt her.

Anyway, to handle the Andrew situation everyone who was involved (being Mellie, David Rosen, Elizabeth North, Abby, Fitz, Cyrus and Olivia) gathers around for a meeting in the White House basement kitchen. Cyrus doesn’t necessarily have to be there, because he has complete immunity for any actions taken by him during the time he has been the Chief of Staff. So he just stands around a and laughs at the others. In the end they decide it’s Mellie who needs to go talk to Andrew to see if she can change his mind. Well, Mellie can’t. Andrew seems to still have a clear memory of everything that happened. Plus it was Mellie and Elizabeth who asked Huck to stick a needle into his neck to make him seize. So this plan isn’t working. Plan B involves Huck again. No worries, Huck is only there to sedate Andrew and take him to another White House basement room (not the kitchen). They now have a  window of 48 hours to make some sort of deal with Andrew. Andrew pretends to want to make a deal, but just when Olivia lets Huck transfer 10 million dollars into his account he decides it is still not enough. Yes, the man is super annoying.

On the bright side, this does lead to Fitz stepping up and showing us what leadership is about. Sort of. He is finally taking responsibility and he’s willing to take the fall for staging a terrorist attack (and take one for the team). There’s a first for everything and everyone is happy except for Abby, because she is not done being the Chief of Staff. She crosses Olivia and makes a secret deal with Andrew. She gets Andrew to drop the story on Fitz and Olivia and tell the story on his affair with the first lady instead. In other words Mellie gets thrown under the bus and Olivia and Mellie will lose the election for sure. Olivia is shocked it is Abby who is responsible for this, because she expected it to be Elizabeth North. Abby makes sure Olivia can’t enter the white house anymore without her permission so she can change the deal Abby just made with Andrew.

But Olivia dials Jake’s number and then uses his ID-card to get into the White House again. She tries to talk some sense into Andrew, but he just goes on and on about Olivia, the kidnapping and anything really. There is no way he is going to take another deal… And then Olivia snaps at him. She grabs a chair and just starts beating Andrew with it. Again and again up to the point she is standing over his body with blood spatters on her face. Fitz find Olivia sitting on the ground confused, angry, guilty and empty, but still manages to tell her it’s going to be okay… Abby is completely in shock. Olivia tells Abby to never cross her again and convinces her she can still prevent the Lillian’s story from coming out. And so life goes on. All the candidates try to use Andrew’s death to their own advantage. Fitz gives a speech to honor Andrew Nichols and reconnects with the country again. Mellie gets the endorsement from a Cardinal. But let’s be honest all is not well. And so far I could see no one was playing fair and square this episode or even tried?! Apparently this wasn’t a top priority for Olivia at all . Can Olivia come back from this? Huck and Quinn take Olivia ‘home’ after Andrews death. They drop her off at papa Pope’s and leave her to be with Rowan and Jake. In their world. So, Olivia’s white hat is definately gone (for now) and it’s making things very messy.