The Big Bang Theory (S09E20) “The Big Bear Precipitation”

Review: Leonard, Penny, Amy and Sheldon decide to go to a cabin in the woods for a weekend. Rain ruins their plans for a hike so the four of them stay in and play a game of Never Have I Ever. The game gets dirty when Sheldon reveals to the group that Leonard has a secret savings account that Penny doesn’t know about. Penny gets angry and Leonard apologizes and that’s when Penny tells him a secret she’s been keeping: she hates her job. But she has decided that she will do the grownup thing and keep her job because it will get her out of debt.

Meanwhile, Raj is very supportive of a pregnant Bernadette, but Howard thinks he gets a little too involved in the whole pregnancy. Howard asks Raj if he can just give them a little more space, and Raj leaves. But Howard and Bernadette feel bad for sending Raj away and apologize to him. Raj understands that he has to back off a little and he will, but is happy that he can still help out wherever he can.

I can keep talking about the problems I have with Raj this season, but I have already discussed that in some earlier reviews. About the others though, the storyline in the woods was pretty solid. I really liked it that we got to see more of Penny and Leonard together, considering that we haven’t seen much of them as a married couple, but this storyline was good and could have some potential for future episodes as well. I do however think that all of it was resolved a little too quickly. Also, Sheldon and Amy were great, again! I loved their scene in the end, it was very sweet and funny!

Rating: 8/10