Fear the Walking Dead (S02E01): “Monster”



Okay, so the return of Fear the Walking Dead was really good. That opening scene was intense though, we pick up right where we left off just a few days later most likely.  

Location plays a big part in a lot of shows, and this is definitely one of them. In the first season the show is so immersed in downtown L.A its a change of pace to see them on the shores of Los Angeles. Although I have got to say the set of the Abigail is incredible, the design team for that need some appreciation, causes its amazing.

It also really represents Strand as a character, who’s mysterious as is, and learning more about him in tonights episode was just great. I mean WOW! that scene where Alicia is talking about Jack, and how they should rescue him was just incredible to watch. Colman Domingo was INCREDIBLE in this scene I mean I think we know who’s boat this is now, that performance was just so DAMN good. Lets just say that Strand doesn’t seem to like anyone on board the Abigail, except for Nick, I like there dynamic and relationship, I’m curious to see where it leads.

On the other hand, Lorenzo Henrie, needs a shoutout too. When there having a eulogy for Liza, the emotion there was a force of nature, then coupled with the water sequence. I mean Chris was all kinds of emotional in tonights episode,being on edge with the death of his mother. The confrontation with Travis was also unexpected, but I think as a character he needed to get it out, also it was just great to watch.

Theres also a change in Madison, last season she was so focused on protecting her family, in this episode she’s kind of taken with Strands character. Which can be justified I mean the fact that he hasn’t slept at all, is really sketchy. Also Daniel has noticed that too, which begs the question will his relationship with Madison change this season, cause we know they both didn’t see eye to eye on how to handle things in season one. 

Ofelia didn’t really have to much going on in this episode, she was kind of just taking everything in, observing everyone else. Which intrigues me even more, its always the quiet one you have to watch out for, some of the best characters are the quiet ones, the ones you never expect, so I’m really excited to see where that leads.

And lastly, there’s Alicia who is getting a lot of judgment (from fans/reviews) after tonights episode, but all I’ll say it that at the end of the day they are all just humans who are flawed. So obviously there going to make mistakes, plus the fact that she’s a teenager. I mean she heard someone in need, her first instinct isn’t going to be ‘I cant trust them’  even in that apocalyptic situation. People generally don’t think that far ahead, especially when its in the moment. I mean if you saw anything from season one, you’ll know that she’s caring, (towards her brother , her neighbour who was her nanny and her boyfriend who she loved). That line “It was all over before I even knew it happened”. I mean she clearly hasn’t had time to grieve, none of them had, so it’s an adjustment and from that you’ll of figured of course she would want to help. While it was naive of her, I’m curious to see how it will affect her, and what change that will bring about. Especially how in the ends Jacks like “I got you” I think she’s had a “realisation of the foolishness” -Alycia Debnam Carey of what she’s done by talking to him. From what started out as what seemed to be like an innocent distraction….

All in all, it was a great episode, and after seeing the season two preview of Fear the Walking Dead, I cant wait to see what happens next week.