Quantico: (S01E17) ‘Care’

I had to re-watch this weeks dose of FBI drama to understand what actually happened. I kept getting distracted and eventually decided that I’d try it one more time. However, the show was not better the second time around. I found the Shelby drama a bore because I didn’t like how emotional it was. I couldn’t find the point of their storyline. Perhaps it would be revealed someday but for now I was not impressed.

Ryan and Alex going against one another in the past and present was yet another filler. I expected the show to finally start revealing secrets and the bomber as the season ended but this weeks episode was overly dramatic and focused too much on the relationship drama. Don’t forget the whole Drew and Alex situation in the cabin, which was way too predictable.

One thing I loved about this episode was the TWINS! I loved them working together. I need a bigger ending and enough mystery already. Yes the ending was shocking but I think we all are probably assuming Shelby has been forced like Alex. Well that’s what I think because this show has given us so many suspects and they’re always cleared.