The Carmichael Show: (S02E07) ‘Ex-Con’

Recently the discussion of how an ex-con should be treated like was heating up. They even spoke about it on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah a few weeks ago.

This episode wasn’t to provide the comedy which he has when Maxine told the joke of him not lasting long as he spent 10 years in prison 😂

The real purpose was to make you think how society looks down at a person who goes to jail to pay for his crimes to get a fresh start as in he has paid for what he has done but no one wants to give him a chance. 

Job opportunities get scarce and his income source are little to none forcing him to go back to his old ways and end up in jail like in the episode.

Basically the message was treat them with respect until they prove you wrong. Not saying to have blind faith but rather don’t show up with a negative reception but rather treat him with respect because jail time was where he paid for his sins.