The Family: (S01E07) “All the Livelong Day”


The episode opens with Claire confronting Willa about Ben and she asks Willa what she has done. Willa said they were falling apart and she thought she could fix it by bringing her brother back. Claire says “But he’s not your brother.” Claire wants to go for a drive. Willa says she is too upset to drive and someone might see her. Claire said “Oh my God. Is that why you did this? For the election?” Willa says no and that she loves Claire. Claire says she doesn’t believe her. Willa says he might not be Adam but he is the closest thing we have. Willa says he deserves something for all the years he was taken. Claire says but he isn’t my son.

Flashback to ten years ago and young Adam and Ben are in the dungeon in the woods. Ben is cooking for Adam and trying to cheer him up. Ben says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you have to eat. Adam then says he hates eggs. Ben says French toast it is. Adam takes some bread and eats it. They are pretending about having actual eggs and toast. Adam asks what happens down here. Ben says we eat, we play, we have school and then sometimes our friend comes. Adam asks “What does he do?”  Ben hesitates and then says he brings presents. Meanwhile, Claire is being sworn in as mayor. Hank is in prison.

The years go by and the two boys change and grow up. They have been trying to dig a way out but run into a steel wall. Ben says maybe if they are good our friend will bring us ice cream. Adam says “Stop calling him that. He is not our friend. When he comes, it’s not to bring ice cream.”

One week before “Adam” returns, they show the two boys in the dungeon and Adam looks bad. He is sweating. Ben is singing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”

Now it is three days before “Adam” returns. Adam is gone from the dungeon. Ben asks Doug where Adam is. Doug shines a light down and says “Bracelets.” Ben has to put on his own handcuffs before Doug will climb down. Ben keeps asking where Adam is and Doug doesn’t answer right away. Doug climbs down a rope ladder and brings some food. He tells Ben that Adam was in a bad way and did everything he could. He tells Ben “You haven’t been eating. You need to eat.” Doug tells Ben not to worry and that he will get him a new friend.

Hank’s mom is visiting him in prison. They are worried about each other. Hank tells his mom she looks pale and she tells him that he looks thin. Hank then says to his mom if something happens to him while he is in there it’s not her fault that he is the way he is. His mom tells him he is a good boy and not to believe anyone who tells him anything different. They work on a crossword puzzle together.

Meanwhile at the Warren house. Danny is asking for money to help start up a business. Claire writes him a check for $1,000. This must be in the few days before “Adam” comes home.

Back in the dungeon again. Doug is downstairs with Ben and says “Bracelet.” Ben has them on. He hasn’t been eating and Doug says you are turning into skin and bones. Ben forces himself out of the handcuffs and his wrists are bleeding. He had been starving himself so he could get out of the handcuffs. Ben and Doug struggle for the ladder. Ben gets away and climbs up the ladder and runs away.

About this time Willa is out running. She arrives home to find Ben standing at the gate to their home. She asks if she can help him. She says “Who are you?” He says Ben. He asks if she is Willa. She says yes. Ben tells Willa Adam died last week. She says no, he died ten years ago. Ben hands Willa a sailboat. We know that Adam loved sailboats. How sad to know that Adam died in captivity and there will be no saving Adam.

Now it is two days before “Adam” returns. Willa says she doesn’t understand. She has taken him out to eat. Willa asks “Why did you come here?” Ben says “I didn’t have anywhere else to go.” Willa asks if he has family. He says no. Willa asks Ben to tell him something about Adam so he starts listing off a bunch of things. Ben says Adam walked away from Willa and that it wasn’t her fault and he wished he could tell her that because he knew that she would think it was her fault for the rest of her life.

John comes home from a trip and says to Claire that he wants a divorce. Claire ignores him and tells him to put on a tux because they have a fundraiser to go to. John says he is tired of living like this and he knows Claire is too. Claire says they will go to counseling. He says they have tried that before. She says she has to give a speech in an hour and asks if they can do this tomorrow. John tells her she will be great. She always is.

Willa takes Ben to a hotel where he is showering. He is filthy. She brings him some clean clothes and some supplies. He says the shower was too hot. He feels the nice soft bed. She wants to fix his wrists. He asks what they are going to do and Willa says they will go to the police tomorrow. She says her mom has an event tonight and if she learns that Adam died last week it will be hard for her.

Claire is crying in the bathroom at the event. Willa finds her and asks if everything is all right. Willa says OK and locks the door. Claire is collapsing. Willa undoes the back of Claire’s dress, puts a cool cloth on her back, tells her to take some deep breaths and that she will be fine. Sure enough, the next scene shows Claire giving her speech. Willa imagines what it would have been like if Adam had come home that night. You can see some wheels start turning in Willa’s head. Claire’s speech is talking about the importance of family. Willa is imagining Adam growing up in their home as if he was never gone. Willa leaves the event and goes to Ben’s hotel room and asks him how much he knows about her brother. He says everything.

It is one day before “Adam’s” return and Willa is quizzing Ben on Adam and feeding even more information to Ben. Uh oh. Ben is left handed and is brushing his teeth with his left hand. Willa asks what he is doing and says he can never do anything with his left hand again. Adam is right handed. At some point they both fall asleep on the bed. Ben gets up and looks at the sun coming up. He tells Willa he has never seen the morning before. Willa tells Ben he should go to the police tonight and she has to go back to work. Ben asks “Why are you doing this?” She says because Adam was wronged but now she can fix everything. She comes home and John asks where she was. She tells the truth. She says “I was at a cheap hotel with a dirty stranger.” LOL! John looks ready to leave again but Willa tells him to stay. John starts saying “Your Mom and I…” Willa interrupts him and says he should stick around for a few days. John says Adam was a happy person and would hate what they are doing to themselves now.

Willa goes to a church. Hank is in prison. He stuffs a garbage bag down his pants. In his cell we see Hank trying to suffocate himself with the garbage bag but he can’t do it. He rips the bag open.

Willa is driving Ben to a bus station. She tells him it won’t work. He said it himself. Ben says he can do it. Willa says she can’t do it. She said she thanks him for taking care of Adam but he has to leave. She has clothes for him and $10,000. He asks where he will go. She says he can go anywhere and be anyone but he just can’t be her brother. After Willa drives away, Ben walks to the park and sits at a picnic table. I think Ben has plans of his own.

The day of Adam’s return. Claire and Willa are having coffee on the porch talking about the day ahead. It is on the news that Adam has returned. The police arrive at John’s speech to tell him. Claire is giving a speech as well and the cops come to talk to her. Danny is in a hotel with a few girls. Claire, Willa, and Danny go to the hospital to talk to Adam.

Once at home, Willa asks “Adam” if he wants to see his room. Willa says “What are you doing?” Adam acts like he is Adam. He asks “Where is the rest of my stuff?” He says he is her brother and that is what she wanted. She calls him Ben and he says “You need to stop calling me that. My name is Adam.”  Boy, has he really bought into the lie. It is almost like the personality of Ben is gone and he has become Adam.

Claire is at a convenience store grabbing items off the shelf. This must be after she figures out that Adam is not Adam. She drives to the park and goes to sit on the bench with a plaque that says in loving memory of Adam Warren. The next morning two school girls find her and say see, told you she wasn’t dead. I don’t know how she could sleep on that hard park bench all night.

Ben is in the hospital after his health scare at the mall and Willa is there and tells him that it has been nice these last few weeks having Adam back and that she is glad that he didn’t leave at the bus station. He asks her if everything is OK. He asks “Where is Mom?” She says she will go get him discharged.  Both Claire and Willa are queens at deflecting questions. John, Willa, and Ben arrive home. Claire has made it home by this time. She asks Willa where he is and Willa says the kitchen. Claire goes to the kitchen where Ben, Willa, Danny, and John are. Claire goes up to Ben and he says “Hi Mom.” She hugs him and says “Welcome home” and looks at Willa over Ben’s shoulder.

In the next scene Ben is back at the hotel where he has stashed the money and he has a strange look on his face when he retrieves it. What is that all about?

Next week is another all new episode of The Family! Only five episodes left! What do you think? Are you sad the real Adam is dead? Will people find out that Adam is really Ben and that the real Adam died? What would you like to see happen?