Castle: (S08E17) “Death Wish”


I would like to open by saying that much of this episode has the old playfulness between Castle and Beckett and among the other team members. It is so much fun to see this. The case is a little confusing with so many people involved and not all of them are idenitified. 

The episode opens with someone wrapped in tape and covered in blood. He is writing something down. This can’t end well. He asks the guy behind him to let him go but it looks as if the guy cuts his head off with a sword.

Meanwhile, Rick is cutting a melon and Beckett is offering Castle a round three. Then his mother sails through the door. He asks her to call before she comes. She says she doesn’t want to interrupt them in the middle of you know but it appears she has anyway. Martha wants Rick to get Oprah to endorse her book. Rick says he doesn’t even know Oprah.

At the crime scene Castle opens the body bag to discover that the victim has no head and gags a little and says the guys could have given him a heads up. Laney comes by with the head wrapped in plastic and adds it to the body bag. She says the victim was tortured before he was killed. Rick’s phone rings and he says it is Oprah’s assistant and he has to take the call and he will be heading out and waits for a reaction from Esposito and Ryan and doesn’t get one. Rick takes the call in the hallway and runs into a neighbor who says she knows who the killer is. The dead guy is Lars. She says his ex-boyfriend Mark killed him. The neighbor is a blonde female and pops up later in the story.

Beckett and Ryan are interviewing Mark who admits to being a little over the top. When they tell him Lars was tortured and killed Mark looks genuinely shocked and sickened. He says Lars was alive when he left Lars. Mark says Lars was acting panicky and said he would have the money to pay Mark back for his college education tomorrow. Lars says he would get the money from his partner of whatever he was into. Mark took Lars’s laptop as collateral.

Lars had been out of the country in Turkey for two months. They get the laptop from Mark and are able to get into his pictures. Rick says Lars was a tomb raider and found Aladdin’s lamp. You can imagine the look on Beckett’s face then.

Beckett has been going through the paperwork from the case and a lot of information is left out. She says since being Captain all she does is finish people’s paperwork for them. She asks Rick where the name is of the woman he talked to. He says he didn’t get her name. Rick says something about wanting something for so long and then it isn’t what you think hinting that maybe Beckett isn’t happy as Captain but Beckett replies that she loves being Captain.

At the precinct, Rick, Ryan, & Esposito are going through Lars’s notebooks and maps. They are trying to figure out what happened to the treasures Lars found. They guess that maybe he sold the products without the knowledge of his partner and that is why his partner killed him. They discover that the author of one of Lars’s books is a professor at Hudson University. They get her to come to Castle’s PI office. Alexis and Castle show her the pictures of Lars’s dig in Turkey. Rick is asking the professor about genies and what happens when their master dies before all the wishes are granted. The professor says the genie is separated from the lamp until the genie finds a new master. Somehow Castle decides he is the genie’s new master.

Beckett finds a guy who is probably Lars partner, Mike Harlan.

Castle is at his office and the blonde woman he talked to at Lars apartment is there waiting for him. She says Alexis let her in. She says she is a reporter and she knows what Lars was working on. She names his partner, Mike Harlan. She knows where Mike is working. Castle gets on the phone to call Beckett with the information. He looks up and she has disappeared.

Esposito and Ryan find Mike Harlan. He says he knows she made them do it. She is out to get me. They ask who and he says the genie man. I am thinking the blonde woman Castle has been talking to is the genie.

They have Mike in for questioning. He is saying genies are evil. Beckett thinks he is laying the groundwork for an insanity plea. Mike says he was at a party when Lars was killed. Mike says there was an investor who offered them $250,000 for the dig. He says they had bad luck since they found the lamp. For example, his girlfriend cheated on him and his mom threw out the bag with the $250,000 in it. Lars hired a guy to ship the lamp to him in the U.S. The shipper asked for $400,000 to ship the lamp back.

Beckett and Castle are having fun going back and forth arguing about whether the genie could cause some of these things that are happening or what Lars wished for. It’s cute.

Castle has come to the conclusion that the blonde is the genie as she appears and disappears at will. Plus she does both harm and good. Beckett says he should stop talking about the genie and take his wife to bed so Rick grabs her hand and off they go.

Beckett asks Ryan and Esposito to take Castle with them to go look for the lamp and to let him rub the lamp first. Then Beckett shakes her head and says she can’t believe she said that. They are at a Persian rug store. They find no one there but one of the carpets has blood on it. They unroll the carpet and a male body rolls out. The body has been tortured the same way as Lars except he still has his head. The body is still warm. I am not sure who the body is. Maybe it is Lars’s partner Mike. Castle calls Beckett and tells her. Castle goes out front where he sees the genie. He chases her. He turns someone around but it is not the genie. Then he sees a warehouse with a peacock symbol on it which is also the symbol on the doors of the carpet store they were just at. Castle tries to peek in through a dirty window. He accidentally falls through the window into the warehouse. He sees a box with the genie lamp sitting right in the open. A brunette with a gun tells him to drop it. Castle and the brunette talk about the lamp but then she says she has 5,000 more. She says she has to do what she has to do and she disappears. In her place is the blonde who helps Castle escape. She says she is not a genie. Once she helps Castle escape she disappears.

At the station, Ryan and Esposito tease Castle and say they identified the genie and hand him a picture of Jeannie from the TV show I Dream of Jeannie. Alexis then comes in and says she dusted Castle’s desks for prints and identified his genie as Genevieve Sutton who is a fixer for businesses. They have brought her in for questioning. Castle asks if Genevieve is a genie. She says no. She says Lars was hired by an anonymous benefactor to protect the antiquities otherwise they would have been sold to fund terrorism. Genevieve says she has been targeting Castle as a way to find out what the police knew.

Ryan’s wife Jenny is having a baby so he leaves for the hospital.

They track down a truck with eleven crates in it. Per Genevieve, there should have been twelve. Where is the 12th? They have the brunette from the warehouse in for questioning but she won’t say anything. She says she is no rat.

Castle and Esposito are talking to the professor at the precinct. Castle tells her that Lars took a class of hers years ago. She says she doesn’t remember him. Castle says her teaching assistant remembers him. Castle accuses her of being jealous of Lars because he found the lamp when she couldn’t. Esposito then says they found the lamp at her home and arrest her for the murders.

A prince from Jordan is there to bail out Genevieve. She says he is her employer. He hired her to protect the tomb. The prince says during the court battle he will let the Smithsonian display the treasure.

There are problems with Jenny’s delivery. Laney, Esposito, Beckett, and Castle go to the hospital. Jenny sounds in bad shape and that they might have to sacrifice her to save the baby. Beckett asks Castle to save one of the wishes for Jenny and the baby. Castle says he already did. At this point Ryan comes out and says both Jenny and the baby are fine. The baby is a boy named Nicholas Javier Ryan. It is good to see the team all there to support Ryan and his wife.

Beckett and Castle are talking and he says he is all done with genies because he has all he ever wanted. Beckett says she has everything she ever wanted too. Then Castle says maybe a time machine so he can go back and fall in love with Beckett all over again. Oh how sweet. Where can I meet my own Rick Castle?

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