Gotham: (S02E17) ‘Into the Woods’

After Jim got freed last episode by Falcon, he now decided to clear his name and after going to get a recording of the call to the cop who was killed he went to visit Nigma to ask for help.

Little did he know that his killer was Nigma and he ends up being electrocuted a bit but escapes from Nigma taking a bullet in the process. Going to Selena he meets Bruce and as much as he was surprised to see him he still hit the floor.

Bruce now the man of the hood, patched him up and they set up a trap for Nigma with Selena going to the station to claim the $1000 reward being given to the one who brings news about Jim Gordon.

Nigma got all his bell ringing decided to move the body of KK and the cops surrounded him taking him to Arkham. Dr. Hugo a very happy now who has two experiments out in the wild one being Penguin who discovers his step-mother and his step-siblings poisoned his father murders all of them and the second one being the ex-wife of Jim (Barbara) who went to visit Jim. More exciting news is that his new experiment is going to be Nigma.

The sad part was when Bruce decided to break off with Selena and stay to figure more out about his father now that the computer is working. Alfred who had issues with Selena gave Bruce the ultimatum – either be with her or leave her out of it.

In general the series is getting good, but it seems like a season beginning rather than it going towards an end. But Jim is now focusing on finding out more about the Wayne murder which will be interesting as he will tear down every board member to figure out.

Really looking forward to how it turns out but I really hope that the Dr. Hugo story turns out like a good bargain.