Lucifer (S01E11): “St. Lucifer”

“About Last Night”

Last we left Lucifer he was turning down Chloe’s drunken come ons. But the next morning she’s naked in the Devil’s bed and Lucifer sitting in a chair watching her sleep… but after all his jokes and snark he reveals to Chloe’s immense relief that they did not sleep together. Chloe just gets naked when she’s angry drunk. Nevertheless Chloe does the walk of shame out of Lucifer’s suite. He goes down to Lux continuing to give Maze the cold shoulder. Lucifer happily gets out of Lux to go to a crime scene where he continues to tease Chloe about her night at his place (lady’s underwear always classy). Their victim is a bad boy turned philanthropist Tim Dunlear and Lucifer once again manages to make the case about himself (seeing a mirror image of himself in the victim); at least that hasn’t changed about him. Lucifer says he felt a rush when he did a good deed for Chloe last night so he goes on a good deed binge. Then we go to see Malcolm holding Dan captive in some dark abandoned warehouse. Malcolm plans to frame Dan for Lucifer’s murder.

“No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed”

Lucifer and Chloe interview Dunlear’s wife, Vanessa, and her assistant Kyle. In a charitable mood Lucifer offers to hold the charity gala at his club the Lux then promises to find and punish Dunlear’s murder. Lucifer goes to see Dr. Linda getting excited about the rush he felt at doing a good deed and Linda once agains sees through the devil, but Lucifer doesn’t let that dampen his mood. He’s tired of his evil devil rep and wants to change that. Lucifer and Chloe interview a homeless man who had stolen Dunlear’s championship ring and wallet. Taking charity up a notch, Lucifer offers the homeless man the shirt off his back… as well as his pants. Chloe suggests that maybe Dunlear wasn’t completely over his bad boy behavior and that past caught up with him saying that changing one’s nature is difficult to do. Just when Chloe and Lucifer are about to interview Vanessa again, her lawyer, Flemming swoops in and stops them. Lucifer uses the excuse of talking about the gala to stay while Chloe talks to Flemming who points her to Emmet, a kid from Haiti that Dunlear was sponsoring. But Emmet reveals that Tim and Vanessa didn’t have the perfect marriage the cameras suggested they had. Chloe thinks that Tim was cheating on his wife. Lucifer and Chloe go to Dunlear’s lunch for his top donors (all rich, lonely women) and the Devil’s charm spices things up. Lucifer turns the afternoon luncheon into a Vegas show (did he have that microphone on him?) until Kyle causes a scene and leaves abruptly. Turns out Kyle was the other man in Tim’s life of which his wife was aware having an arrangement to be husband and wife while the cameras were on. Kyle gives Chloe a photo that Tim sent him from Haiti of an empty field with tents. Going back to Dan and Malcolm, he tells Dan all about his experience in hell and that if he kills Lucifer then he won’t go back for a long time.

“The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”

Flemming confronts Chloe at home warning her to stop looking into Vanessa who is only a grieving widow. Chloe thinks she’s on to something. As Lucifer prepares the Lux for the gala Chloe asks him to use his super power on Flemming and Vanessa but Lucifer doesn’t think he needs to; maybe their suspects are just really good people but it’s more like Lucifer is letting his ego get in the way (again). Checking in with Maze she surprises Amenadiel at a fancy restaurant, angry at him for the wedge between her and her boss. But turns out both Amenadiel and Maze are lonely and out of place in the mortal world turning to each other for company. Amenadiel isn’t as boring as Maze initially thought (Amenadiel was behind the goat thing that apparently Lucifer hates…hahaha) and well… we all saw it coming right? Maze and Amenadiel fog up the glass of a car like a couple of teenagers. Who said good angels can’t be bad? Kyle helps Chloe look into the photo Tim sent him and find that perhaps the money that was supposed to go to building a school in Haiti went somewhere else. Chloe comes dressed to impress as she confronts Flemming; she kind of channels our Devil reading Flemming’s desires to do good asking him to help her find out if Vanessa was embezzling money from the foundation. Back at Lucifer’s suite he’s surprised by Malcolm who holds him at gun point. Lucifer immediately figures out that Amenadiel is behind this but turns it around. Angels can’t grant immortality and Malcolm would eventually die and end up back in hell so Lucifer gives him a sort of token, a get out of hell free coin (the one Lucifer likes to levitate in his palm) that would have allowed the Devil to return to hell. Malcolm takes the deal. Dan does manage to escape his little prison but is too late when Vanessa shoots Lucifer as he figured out that she was embezzling the money. Dan crashes the party to find Lucifer… not dead! Lucifer goes to the party and uses his super powers to get Vanessa to confess to her embezzlement crime along with the evidence Chloe and Flemming turned up. Lucifer once again feels that same rush when helping Chloe. Lucifer and Maze are back on speaking terms as she tells him that she slept with his brother but only so she could spy on him for Lucifer. Lucifer goes to Chloe’s house to test a theory about his on/off mortality. Chloe tells Lucifer that their partnership allows herself to be vulnerable around Lucifer and he cuts his hand to see that it’s bleeding. Turns out Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable as well.


I give this episode an A. It was fun to see Lucifer being charitable and of course Amenadiel and Maze “bonding”. Lucifer discovers that only around Chloe does he bleed. Does it mean he’s in love with her or that she just brings out his humanity? Is Dan going to figure out that Lucifer MorningStar really is the devil? Thankfully we have a season 2 in case these questions don’t get answered this season.