Scorpion: (S02E22) “Hard Knox”


Right away I want to give a shout out to Riley B. Smith who plays young Ralph on the show. He was outstanding. His facial expressions said it all during his scenes. Sometimes he didn’t even have to say anything. When he does speak he is wise beyond his years.

One thing that bothered me about this episode is that we have seen some of this before. For example, the team is hired to break in to Fort Knox. They have been hired to break into places before. The other plot point that has been done before is where the team is in danger of drowning. This makes me wonder if the writers have run out of ideas. Hopefully they will have enough ideas to make season three interesting. Overall, this was a great episode with edge of your seat moments, humor, and relationship woes.

The episode opens with Walter and Linda on a date. They are watching a rare flower called the corpse flower bloom. The smell made her sick. Walter thought it was amazing. Later Walter and Toby are talking about this date and Toby says Linda gets an endorphin rush when she is with him because he saved her life once and she wants to keep having that feeling.

The gang is all there for Ralph at his hearing where he is suing the teacher who failed his assignment. The teacher stole Ralph’s ideas. The attorney Heywood is not doing a very good job. His teacher says Ralph’s project was just rudimentary insinuating that he expanded on Ralph’s work. Ralph is so adorable sitting in this big huge chair at the plaintiff’s table.

Back at Scorpion headquarters the team is going through boxes and boxes of paperwork for Ralph’s trial. Ralph tries to tell everyone what to work on. Walter gets frustrated with Ralph and actually yells at Ralph. It is clear that Walter doesn’t understand what Ralph is trying to tell him. Paige tells Walter that the next time he talks to Ralph like that she is gone.

Cabe comes in with someone from Fort Knox and says he has a case for the team with the new guy Tim and it is regarding Fort Knox. The Fort needs the team to come in and steal a specific scepter to test the security of Fort Knox. No one can know about this so if they get caught they will be denied by all agencies such as Department of Defense. They get paid $1,000,000 cash tax free because the work is off the books. The Fort Knox employee, Cook, explains the dangers of the job. Walter makes the final call and says “Let’s break into Fort Knox.”

The team talks about the plumbing pipes and sending a submarine in causing a spill where Fort Knox will have to call in plumbers and guess who those plumbers will be? Members of Team Scorpion of course. Walter, Toby and Happy are the team members that go in. Happy uses knock out gas to knock everyone out for about a half hour. The team of course has masks so they are immune to the gas. This gives them time to steal the scepter. However, they find out the hard way that there is a guard guarding the vault holding the scepter they are to steal and he is holding the three of them at gunpoint. Walter says would you believe we are the plumbers who came to fix the sink? Walter turns off the lights they are able to overpower the guard.

Happy is trying to break into the vault but there is too much noise as there is a practice shelling. Walter tells Cabe he will have to make an unexpected stop and he is not going to like it. Cabe and Tim drive onto the shelling range and everyone runs at them with guns.

Happy has successfully broken into the vault and Toby checks the manifest to see where the scepter is. They find the scepter and it appears to be on a pressure plate. Happy says they can do it. Sylvester is back at headquarters calculating the weight of the scepter. He gives Happy an estimate. Happy packs her toolbox to match the weight so they can swap the toolbox and the scepter out at the exact same time. They get the scepter out but then an alarm goes off and the door of the vault comes down. Now water is also pouring into the room.

Ralph says to let the water in because then the door will be vulnerable. They just need a crowbar. Toby finds a sword that will work. The team is running out of room to breathe as the room is filling up with water so fast. They are working to open the door. The team is able to get out.

Happy says there is a problem with the scepter. It is too light. She pulls an object out of the scepter. It is a vial full of shiny dust. Somehow they figure out what it is and whatever it is could wipe out a quarter of the world’s population. Armed guards were approaching with guns so the team has to change directions.

Cabe and Tim are dealing with the guys on the range saying they took a wrong turn and are showing their ID. Cabe and Tim say they will get out of their way.

Walter, Toby, & Happy are attempting to exit Fort Knox through some tunnels. They end up in what appears to be a dead end. They estimate they are three feet underground. Walter tells Cabe he needs some type of launcher. Cabe asks what for. Walter says to open the tank they are in. Sylvester hits the launch button. The area they are in starts to cave. They end up outside. Sylvester has a moment of panic getting them to come in through their communication pieces. Tim says these guys are insane. Cabe says these guys are going to give me a heart attack. Poor Cabe. Meanwhile, the three are running for their lives as Fort Knox armed guards are chasing after them.

Sylvester has found out something about Cook, the guy that hired them. He had a shady past so they figure he put the substance in the scepter and came up with this plan to get the substance out of Fort Knox. Cook drives up to them and they give Cook the scepter. He tells them to get out of there. Cabe & Tim drive up to them. Cabe says “You gave them enough radioactive material to take out a continent. I hope you know what you are doing.”

The guards find Cabe’s car running with no one in it. Cabe and Tim are hiding nearby and come out and knock out the guards. Happy, Walter, & Toby are trying to break back into Fort Knox. Why I am not sure. They go back in the way they came out. Walter drops something to distract the guard and it is a government ID. It is Cook’s who just happens to be trying to get into Fort Knox at the gate. Walter swiped Cook’s ID while giving Cook the scepter. The guards pull their guns on Cook as his ID has been found in the vault and they find the scepter in a bag in his car so it appears as if Cook stole the scepter. Cook says “Those bastards.” Ha, ha, ha, ha. Wait until they find the weapon in the scepter.

The team is now back in Los Angeles at the court. Toby says Ralph is competent to stand trial. The attorney Heywood interviews Ralph and he talks about how he used bookmarks with dates in the coding that are important to him in the program and he can prove it. The bookmarks are a way to identify the builder of the code. For example, he uses his birthdate which they can back up with his birth certificate. One of the dates Ralph uses is the date when he met Walter. Awww…What a sweet moment. Walter is touched and says he can verify that date. The judge finds for the plaintiff, Ralph, and tells the defendant, the teacher, that he should be ashamed of himself.

Team Scorpion is at headquarters having a party to celebrate. Walter sits down next to Ralph who just looks at Walter with a hurt face. It breaks my heart. Walter apologizes and explains that he did not understand Ralph’s work and that Ralph may very well be smarter than Walter and have a higher IQ. Ralph accepts Walter’s apology.

Cabe comes in and says Walter you have a visitor. It is Linda. Walter asks her if she really likes him or if it is a sense memory of the feeling she gets around Walter from when he saved her. He asks if she really likes the things she says she likes just to spend time with Walter and do what Walter wants to do. She is confused. Walter saves her by asking if they can still be friends. Linda says they will always be friends. She hugs him and says “Goodbye smarty pants” and leaves.

Tim is talking to Paige saying he is leaving to see if he can get help for his back. He wants to know if she would want to go on a date when he gets back. Paige says yes.

Toby is talking to Happy saying Walter is dealing with Linda and Paige is dealing with Tim when they should be dealing with each other.

Well as usual this was an exciting episode leaving me wondering if this would be the week Team Scorpion would either get caught or perhaps lose a team member. Scorpion fans can look forward to a new episode next Monday.