Supergirl: (S01E19) ‘Myriad’

Usually Greg’s superhero series never disappoint in the final episodes. But Supergirl has been a disappointment from the start. From just having one story for the whole episode and playing the Han angle for the whole season but not being able to actually create this whole huge story.

Think of it this way, everyone in the world is being mind controlled including Superman who they use to make a point even though we have never seen a face. All she does is save her two friends and one person dies.

Even though her sister comes back and John Johnz too but they had no real story as in the whole Myriad threat wasn’t made into this huge mess but rather it seemed like another day where Supergirl will save the day except they decided to cut it short for the next episode by putting Kara into a suit.

It has been renewed for a second season but I hope they improve.