The Magicians: (S01E13) ‘Have You Brought Me Little’ [Season Finale]

By far a very disappointing season finale. This series started with a blast and managed to get boring towards the end. It peaked too quickly and its more or less in it’s declining stages.

Julia’s whole story was a lie as she called Marina who made a whole new memory for her where everything gets cured and it’s a happy ending but in reality when Amber takes her fake memory out we see that the ‘goddess’ they called upon was actually a monster who killed all her friends and raped her passing on the mastery of magic.

Quentin’s friends still not cool with Julia roll with her but we don’t see much interaction. But the weirdest part was when Alice drank ‘semen’ from Amber (dude with the horns) to get the mastery power. Even after doing everything they were no match for the beast as he easily outpowered them cutting Penny’s hand with a flip.

Elliot who got married is now stuck at Fillory was also out matched by the beast and along with Margo both fall to the ground. Alice bled from her mouth the only person left was Quentin who watched the whole scene. The cliff hanger ending this decided to put was Julia making a deal with the beast rather than killing him.

The beast also shows his face and it’s is not the person they thought it was but they figured it out in the episode.

A very disappointment episode and honestly I was lost at the beginning because of the way they started it out narrated in the future then the past then to present. Seeing everyone just dead too wasn’t much of fun as they had already done it 40 times where they die so if we were to watch a 41st time it’s kind of useless.

All I can say is I am glad it ended otherwise I was giving up on the show.