Bates Motel (S0405): “Refraction”


The consequences of Romero killing Bob Paris, are slowly catching up to him. While it may look like he indeed does have things under control, the fact that its interfered with Norma’s life causes some what of an issue. Although at the end of the episode when she figures it, out she doesn’t take it bad, although seeing the things that she does, makes sense in some way.

Meanwhile, Emma has finally gotten out of the hospital and is back at home and her and Dylan are still moving forward with their Seattle plans. I’ve just gotten say I especially loved that final scene with Dylan and Emma, and how she felt insecure about her scars, and he was joking about his “jaw” ones, it was so cute and just such a nice scene to have in this show in general.

On the other hand, Norman’s sessions with Dr Edwards seem to be going well, the fact that he’s figured out that Norman has a split personality is so interesting to watch, and his reactions of seeing the change are amazing. Even more so, since he’s the first person to actually notice it, and figure out how to trigger it, makes the whole experience even more interesting to watch.