Damien: (S01E6) Temptress

Wow another great personal episode of Damien for Damien.

Monday episode of Damien starts off interesting enough with a doctor coming in to see if Damien alright after he tried to commit  suicide in last week episode. The doctor tells him he has to stay in the  hospital and remain in bed until they can be sure he won’t try it again.

As the episode progress we see Damien trying to learn more about his past and if Ann Rutledge can be trusted.Now here’s were things get interesting at one point Damien finds out his mother is alive who he thought was dead. As we the viewer know that she is and we start to wonder is this show going to recon someone fate for the sake of the show story. I’m happy to say no because by the end of this episode we find out that most of what we saw was just one big dream.

This bring me to my thought what if Damien mother is supposed to  represent the good in him while Ann Rutledge is suppose to be the evil in him just a thought.

I’m happy to see Damien starting to not trust Ann character by the end of the episode because by the time he wake up from his dream and she standing over his bed he tell her he should have killed her. From there on we can see she starting to lose control of Damien and she begins to break down crying outside the room because of it.

Overall this was a great episode I like how it progress while opening Damien eyes to a few things.