Faking It: (S03E05) ‘Third Wheels’ 

Trying to set a Parent Trap both Amy & Lauren set out to rekindle their sisterhood but Karma came in the way yet again.

Her parents now dating another woman together something which she wasn’t comfy with and decided to go with Amy to try to break them up something which Lauren asked her not to do indirectly. 

Things escalated as they two sisters broke off with Lauren deciding to move out as she isn’t being given the attention she wishes to have.

Meanwhile Shane & Liam went to a visit to the Rabbi’s home and it turns out that Liam was dating his daughter. 

The Rabbi being the cool one looses his coolness when Shane tells him Liam is no way dating him but rather his daughter and things took a u-turn 😂

Shane however managed to get his band a gig after being harassed by a young girl 😂

He says he lost his speciality since being trans is the new thing. 

Great episode, story is moving forward and it’s going to be fun.