Stitchers: (S02E04) ‘The 2 Deaths of Jaime. B’

Like any typical Stitchers episode they got a dead person and then stitched into him. This time around he had two memories one of which was the person being a worker in the supermarket and the other a scientist. 

The reason why he was killed was because he made nano-robots that would eat any carbon made being. It was supposed to be a hydrocarbon eater but it was a failure. 

Creating a powerful weapon resulted with his death and the team stitched to find out.

Back to the real plot, Theo got his butt kicked by his sister and she made an awesome scene there. We can also see the cop having some moments with her even though she is with Linus. Camsten on the other hand has come to a pause as a new girl Nina is in the picture.

The only clue they found was the suit which had a napkin on it with her father and not her mother’s names written on it with the year of the wedding.