Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E22): “The Bureau”

Review: Previously on B99, Adrian Pimento faked his death after he discovered Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis put out a hit on him and has a man inside the FBI. The Nine-Nine vowed to find out who and sent Amy to a maximum security prison in Texas to get close to Jimmy’s sister, Maura, who’s serving time there. 

Santiago’s undercover mission is going splendidly! Sort of. Maura doesn’t like any questions about her past, making it hard for Amy to get anything out of her. When she meets up with Charles for her “check up”, Charles tells her that Genevieve and he might be adopting a baby! When Amy congratulates him with a nice and friendly hug, Maura catches them!  When Maura confronts Amy about it, she tells Maura that her doctor was simply comforting her, because her appeal got denied and he’s a sensitive guy. 

Maura decides that she wants to meet with Charles alone. When she does, it turns out that she really has a thing for him and his perfect butt! Charles and Amy decide that the best course of action is to play along and for Charles to get the needed information out of Maura in a different way. He puts on a seductive playlist and his seductive voice and for a minute it seems to work… Until Genevieve calls him to tell him the adoption papers went through and Charles is going to be a dad! Maura is NOT as happy about this as Charles and is angry to realize Charles is a cheating bastard. She tells Amy he’s just like all the other men she’s dated, all her brother’s friends, and Amy is eager to hear about those friends! 

At the precinct, Captain Holt decides that, to find out who Figgis’s guy inside the FBI is, they might need some help from the FBI. Holt calls in a favor from an old friend, Bob Anderson, who according to him is a real stickler for the rules. Bob and Raymond turn out to be two peas in a pod and Bob’s more than happy to help the Nine-Nine figure out who Figgis’s guy – a guy with scar on his hand – is.

It doesn’t take long for them to find out “Scar Joe”‘s name: an agent called Ryan Wheelan. But to build a case, they’re going to need more than a name. However, Bob tells them that all the digital files on Wheelan have been wiped clean and that they’re going to need the paper files, which are behind lock and key. And since asking for clearance will probably alert the guy, that only leaves them with one option: breaking into the Bureau! 

They develop an intricate plan, which involves Rosa doing yoga, Jake learning how to do a single push up and Captain Holt learning all there is to know about Sex and the City. And it works! Jake, Rosa, Holt and Bob walk out with the right file and all the information they need on Wheelan. Or so they think… When they go to Wheelan’s appartement to arrest him, they find him unconscious on the floor. At the hospital, they find out that it’ll take about 12 hours until he wakes up from his coma so they can interrogate him. Holt and Bob decide to watch him for the night, as Jake and Rosa head to a bar before calling it a night. 

At the bar, Jake gets a call from Amy and Charles, who reveal that Maura spilled the beans on Figgis’s guy in the FBI- and it’s not Wheelan, but Bob, who’s now pointing a gun at Holt!  

And, finally, Terry discovers that there’s a leak at the Nine-Nine and that their crime statistics ended up in the hands of a reporter. Terry goes nuts trying to figure out who the leak could be and even accuses Gina of accidentally leaking it, despite Gina helping him figure out who did it. Gina then discovers that Terry himself is the leak, seeing as he posted an Instagram pic – living that #yoghurtlife – where the statistics were clearly noticeable. Gina buys herself a cake on his behalf!