Last Man On Earth (S02E14) “Skidmark”

Review: Last week we saw that Mike found his way to the Tucson crew in Malibu and this week’s episode is all about the reunion of him and his brother Phil. Of course, this is quite an adjustment for Mike who hasn’t been around people for a while (besides Pat Brown) and for Phil who isn’t used to again having to really compete with another male since Phil #2 died.

The reunion of the two brothers doesn’t go smoothly, this already starts when they run towards each other on the beach. Phil starts arguing with Mike about an old girlfriend he fooled around with, but Mike apologizes and both brothers start crying about seeing each other again. But the rivalry continues as the episode progresses. Mike talks about his adventures in space and gives Phil a new nickname: Skidmark. Of course Phil competes and wants to be seen as the better Miller of the two. After a bonfire organized by Mike, Phil needs to organize something too to show the group that he can give a cool party as well. But when at the party the group seems to favor Mike over Phil, Phil starts to talk about Mike’s past and digs up some things that aren’t very nice. Everybody leaves and Carol tells Phil that he needs to apologize to his brother because they are the only two who still have family around. Phil agrees and wants to apologize to Mike in the morning, but then he sees that Mike has taken revenge by shaving off half of the hair on his head.

Nope, it’s not pretty…

Of course, there is also still this situation with Todd. After his confession on the beach about sleeping with both Melissa and Gail and kissing Erica, and that he wouldn’t mind to keep doing that, the three ladies decline his offer, which he totally understands. But when Gail apologizes to Melissa for hurting her feelings, they come to an agreement that they don’t mind sharing Big Teddy Bear Todd.

This episode wasn’t as good as the weeks before. Mike brings a lot of tension to the group and the dynamic of the Tucson crew is very different now. I am really curious how this will be in the last few episodes of this season because I hope I won’t be feeling tension like this the entire time. I am still really loving Todd and his relationship with Gail and Melissa a lot. I think Mel Rodriguez is really great this season!

Rating: 8/10