Empire (S02E13): “The Tameness of a Wolf”



This weeks episode of Empire was really good, not only did we finally get to hear Lucious tell Cookie about his past. But Rhonda finally figured out she needed space from the craziness that comes with being a part of the Lyon Family. Although I shouldn’t speak to soon, since she reached out to Anika, who we finally got to see since the return of Empire.

After the loss of Camilla and Mimi, Empire seems to be dealing with it pretty, well and from what Hakeem is doing as CEO is terrible. Lets just see how long its gonna last, I mean that proposal to Laura was fast, I mean talk about development. That was really rushed, I think that whole birthday disaster, messed with his head a little. He can barely have a normal relationship and now he’s going straight to marriage. While I guess we cant say that he doesn’t go after what he whats. Which can be a good and bad quality to have depending on the situation.

This episode was Cookie’s birthday which was awesome, its always nice to see her happy, and I’m glad that they put aside there differences to give her the part that she wanted, even though in the end it got ruined.