The Catch (S01E04): “The Princess and the I.P.”



Tonights case involves Anderson Vaughan and Associates taking on there newest client, turns out this government agency may have lost a very important person with blueprints for a deadly weapon.

This team is just great, plus we got to learn more about Sophie who’s just my favourite character besides Alice, I love that friendship that they have. But we also got to see more of Danny and they introduced a new character Agent Shawn. I absolutely loved these scenes with them, they were great, plus I knew something was up between Danny and Sophie from previous episodes. But finally seeing it was great, they are just so cute and I cant wait to see where it will lead.

Meanwhile, Alice decides to team up with Agent Dao whom I still don’t trust, his personal motives in this case are really suspicious. Theres clearly more to the story than he’s letting on plus the fact that he keeps mentioning Christopher is a murder is really concerning.

So in tonights episode, we finally got to see Shivani Ghai’s character, who I was so excited to see, since I a big fan of hers from Dominion, another great role. But she was a total badass in this show, another awesome female character, I was a little surprised by Felicity and Margo. I mean I didn’t see it coming, although anything is a go for Margo who I don’t trust at all. Which intrigues me even more, I’m just really curious about her motives and backstory.

On the other hand, Ben continues to pursue his mark, Princess Zara Al-Salim, which seems to be going well, since all of a sudden his her business advisor. Turns out with them being late with there payment, he is forced to speed up the timeline with her. Which worked out well in the end although I’m a little sad to see this character to go and surprised it was so soon. I liked the dynamic that she and Ben shared it was a sweet friendship and what she did for him in the end was nice.

Also I have just got to add, the casting on this show is not just incredible acting wise, but the diversity to see is really great. I can always trust Shonda to write such complex and interesting characters but also to cast such a multi cultural bunch is just amazing. 

Anyways after, that ending I’m so curious to see what happens next, this show doesn’t take things slow so I’m excited for more.