The Forest Movie Review (2015)

For a film that was a disappointment in the box office and is based on a real place and was even petitioned against while the film was still in production, you all knew I would see what the big fuss was all about! Yes I understand this film is basing itself around a real place in Japan that the locals call ‘Suicide Forest’ so here I give you the movie review to The Forest!

In the film we are introduced to Sara Price (Natalie Dormer) who is awoken from a deep sleep from a nightmare she had about her identical twin sister Jess Price (Natalie Dormer). When Sara awakes she immediately sets out to Tokyo, Japan, in hopes that she finds her sister, but when she is no where to be found she searches out for her in the legendary suicide forest. Its not too much longer when she meets this guy named Aiden (Taylor Kinney) who is a reporter for the Australian newspaper, set out to do a story on the forest. When Sara and Aiden with their tour guide Michi (Yukiyoshi Ozawa) venture into the forest, Michi tells both of them “whatever you hear or see it is all in your head; its never real” granted both of them don’t believe Michi and continue on to search for Jess.

When Sara, Aiden, and Michi stumble across Jess’s tent and clothes hanging up Sara feels that Jess is very close and in danger. However the rest of the group doesn’t want to believe it and refuses to continue on for that day, that they will come back tomorrow and start again from the set up camp site; but Sara refuses to leave, so her and Aiden stay at the camp site and where given proper instructions from Michi to not leave the camp site, that he will be back tomorrow to get them. Its not long after, Sara and Aiden venture off from the camp site at first light and get lost, Sara eventually becomes paranoid which is the doing of the forest and is forced into doing things that she thought she would never do. During that next day Michi, along with Sara’s boyfriend Rob (Eoin Macken) go with the police into suicide forest to search for Jess, Sara, and Aiden. Will they find Jess and Sara? Or will the forest consume both sisters lost forever? Find out by watching the film!

Now I’ve got to tell you, I’m a huge fan of horror movies and even thriller movies. But this film just made me confused like at the very beginning with the switching back and forth with the flash backs and then present time without any warning! And I know all social medias blew up because of this film being released because of it being based on a real place and people thought that Hollywood was just trying to make a cheap buck by making the film, but guys, theres a story here! Hollywood knows it, the people know it, and some people don’t read about things, they only learn things through films and this film literally had some educational things within it about the forest and about Japan and all that kind of stuff. You can’t always be self-righteous people, you need to learn to realize what I’ve said is very true so think about that before you turn to a social media outlet and blow it up with things like ‘petition this film to be taken out of theaters’ or ‘don’t see this film because its disgracing a real place’ when for that last one I said people did say that but it wasn’t disgracing a place, it was actually making people realize that it exists for real! So now that my rant is over with!

I give this film a good B- with a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars, only because the story was made weird at first but eventually did get better!

The Forest is now out on DVD!