The Odd Couple: (S02E02) “Unger the Influence”


The episode opens with Oscar coming through the door and there is loud music playing and something shoots rose petals everywhere. Felix comes out with two champagne glasses and is wearing a suit. He tells Oscar he wasn’t supposed to be home for two hours. Oscar tells Felix he was only supposed to live there a few weeks. Felix tells Oscar he has to leave. He has to repetal the rose cannon as they are celebrating their two week anniversary. Just to be mean, Oscar reopens the door setting off the rose petal cannon again. Felix yells “Dammit Oscar.”

Dani is at lunch with Felix and Emily at the usual restaurant but they ignore her because they are so into each other. Dani breaks through and finds out they haven’t spent a whole night together. Dani asks but you have…Emily says that is between Felix and me. Felix says 19 times. Dani says Felix should spend the weekend at Emily’s. Felix says there’s a first time for everything. Dani finds out they haven’t spent the entire night together because they don’t want to show off anything bad like drooling, snoring, or bad breath.

Oscar goes up to Murph at the restaurant and plans a rowdy party of their own.

Felix has packed multiple bags for the weekend at Emily’s. Oscar is pouring alcohol. Eventually Oscar’s apartment is packed with people, drinks, and food. Dani shows up even though she hasn’t been invited. She says she loves the good book (meaning the Bible) but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love to have a good time. She says get ready to meet Wild Dani. She actually passes out after one drink. LOL! Murph is there and says he has backup girls waiting downstairs.

Meanwhile Felix and Emily are having some problems adjusting to a sleep over as they figure out who sleeps on which side and each has their own humidifier.

Felix comes back for a sweater as Emily likes to have the apartment cold. He is disappointed in Oscar as he has gone back to his own ways of debauchery.

Back in Emily’s apartment, she moves a chair in front of the door to block out murderers. Felix can’t stand it as she has blocked the only exit in case of fire. Now they start fighting about their fears, humidifiers, breathing exercises, and basically everything. Emily tells Felix maybe he should just leave so he grabs his humidifier and leaves.

Murph is wearing a sheet as a toga. A bunch of other girls come in. Murph is holding Oscar upside down over a keg and drops Oscar onto the table. Oscar says let’s call it a night and an ambulance. The apartment clears out and Felix comes back home. Felix asks what happened to the party and Oscar says he broke it up. He can’t party like he used to. Felix says Emily has crazy things and he has crazy things and now they are bumping up against each other. Felix worries that it might not work. Oscar sends Felix back up to Emily’s to work it out. That is actually pretty sweet of Oscar. 

Dani wakes up and Oscar’s apartment is trashed. Oscar lets her think she did it so she offers to clean up.

Felix is sneaking into Emily’s bedroom so she hits him on the head. He is OK though. Felix admits to being a scared neurotic mess and offers to try this again. Emily says me too. They kiss and make up.

The Odd Couple is a smart show with the lines and laughs coming quickly. You have to pay attention or you will miss something. What did you think of this episode of The Odd Couple?