Vikings: (S04E09) “Death All ‘Round”

As the series is progressing towards it’s peak the intensity of the episodes are increasing.

With the European powers all on high alert even the Pope praying for them things are just starting.

King Ekbert was crowned as the King of Wessex and Mercia which makes his kingdom bigger than his rival King who got angered after their agreement was dishonoured. 

With Ekbert being the more powerful King in the alliance it is safe to say he will bully his way into everything. And that is what politics is all about and with quite some style he managed to make himself powerful.

Meanwhile his son took his grandson to Rome to meet the Pope. Their celebrations continued and he was rewarded with a sword and a small crown. His story is just getting started but I think it’s more about keeping the king’s son away.

However Ragnar on his side still having the side effects from the Chinese drugs he consumed like bro it’s Chinese we all know to never take consume anything which is Chinese 😂 (no offence intended)

His genius is paying off with the Vikings impressed by him and they are back to hailing him after a fallback in the defeat. While everyone is there to get rich and some war booty Ragnar has saved himself for Rollo who was has been quite happy in the palace expecting a child. The same can’t be said about Lagetha as she got a miscarriage and her fate seems to be sealed. 

The moment we have all been waiting for happen as the son of King Horrick was killed by none other than Bjorn’s girl. And he put the ring in the arrow to show who is boss 😂

From my view the politics is just amazing especially King Ekbert ways of getting power and the genius of Ragnar gives it a unique touch. And for all engineers Floki is your idol 😂😂