Blue Bloods: (S06E20) “Down the Rabbit Hole”


Frank is in a meeting and they are talking about dedicating a statute to the Irish in NYC and especially to those Irish who serve the NYPD. There will be some kind of a dedication event. Irish Commissioner Farrelly asks Erin a favor. He says his father was murdered in NYC back in 1974 and they moved back to Ireland. He asks Erin for what she has on the case.

Frank is talking to Madame President from where I don’t know where but now Garrett needs to talk to Frank. Sid says they found a bunch of bodies in Nassau County and it points to the serial killer Thomas Wilder who is played by Louis Cancelmi.

Eddie and Jamie are in their squad car driving and Eddie asks if Jamie believes in soul mates. Jamie says he guesses so. She quotes a statistic from a magazine that there is a one in 1.5 billion chance you meet that person. She looks pretty bummed about this. She must really want a boyfriend or she really has a thing for Jamie. They get a call to a ware house where a male has a huge knife and has stabbed a female. He says she is trying to keep my kids from me. She says you will never see them again. Jamie steps forward and tells the other police officers to drop back. He tells the guy to put the knife down because he is afraid of what will happen if he doesn’t drop the knife. Eddie sneaks up behind the guy with the knife and hits him with something. A rookie is there holding his gun and shaking.

Danny is out to the scene where they found at least nine bodies. He runs into an FBI BAU guy who says they are in charge of the case. Danny looks devastated at all the bodies.

The woman with the knife wound is being treated. The rookie officer whose hands were shaking goes up to Jamie and Eddie and says that was awesome. He acts more like a fan than a fellow police officer. Then he says to Jamie “You are a Reagan. You are Sami’s uncle.” “Yes, who are you?” asks Jamie. The guy says “Nicky and I are uh…” Jamie says “Oh I see.”

Danny and the BAU guy are having words. The BAU guy is analyzing Danny who isn’t impressed.

Erin is investigating the case Commissioner Farrelly asked her to look into. She is talking to a guy who tells her all about what happened. Farrelly’s father took four bullets and is alive and is serving a life sentence in Sing Sing. Erin is surprised. She says how does she tell Commissioner Farrelly that his father was a gangster and is serving life in Sing Sing and your mother lied to you.

The rookie cop is out on a date with Nicky. They are walking, holding hands, and he is telling Nicky about the case today. Nicky finds out he told Jamie about them. She is upset he told Jamie. She says they are overprotective and you don’t know my family.

The BAU guy is talking to Danny telling him that Wilder is escalating and is planning something even bigger. They find out that one of the bodies is Wilder’s mom.

Eddie and Jamie are talking about Nicky dating and Jamie is saying she is the first grandchild and the only female so they are protective of her. Eddie asks how old Nicky is. Jamie says 19. Eddie says she was dating 6 different guys when she was 19 and goes on to list them.

There must have been some kind of a phone call tip about the bodies in Nassau County and they get a video of Wilder buying a burner phone to call in the tip. Right at that moment Wilder is outside by a playground calling Danny and saying that someone else has to die now. He approaches a beautiful young female with a dog and is talking to her. He says into the phone, “Listen, I gotta run.” and hangs up.

The BAU guy says to Donnie every time Wilder calls here it puts him in an ever greater position of being caught and also Wilder wants to please Donnie. The BAU guy talks about another serial killer who killed his mom and then surrendered. Killing his mom allowed him to turn himself in. The BAU guy tells Donnie he doesn’t understand anything about people. Donnie says Wilder isn’t a person, he is an animal.

Erin tells Chief Farrelly about his dad and says she can arrange a meeting. He says no and thanks her.

The police department gets a tip about another body and sure enough, it is the woman that Wilder was talking to while he was on the phone with Danny. That isn’t surprising. A reporter comes with a note from Wilder saying Danny is a bad cop and can’t even protect helpless women.

At the Reagan family dinner Frank and Danny start talking about Wilder but then they stop because of the kids in the room. Danny’s boys say why don’t we talk about Nicky’s cop boyfriend? Nicky can’t believe they are freaking out because five of the nine people around the table are cops. Henry says his wife didn’t like the fact he was a cop and neither did Frank’s.

Danny made a statement to the cops about Thomas Wilder in the press that is not complimentary and it makes Wilder mad. Danny said in the paper that Thomas was a momma’s boy. Wilder calls Danny and says you messed with my family now I mess with your family.

Erin arranges a meeting for Farrelly with his father. His father thought it was better that he thought he was dead rather than be a gangster. Farrelly says he doesn’t know what to say to his father but Erin says maybe just listen. The two men, father and son, start by shaking hands and then hug. I can’t believe they haven’t seen each other in forty years and Farrelly thought he was dead this whole time. The lies families tell each other.

Danny is mad with worry for his family and goes home yelling for Linda and the boys afraid that Wilder had come after them. Linda and the boys are fine playing in the backyard. The BAU guy is with him and says Linda and the boys don’t fit the profile. He likes girls 19-22 years old. Danny says that’s Nicky. Danny immediately goes looking for Nicky. The police are already at Nicky’s apartment and her roommate or neighbor said she went down the hall to the laundry about a half an hour ago but she isn’t there. Danny finds a laundry cart with her clothes and the newspaper cover. By Danny’s photo, someone has written “I’m here.” 

Danny and the BAU guy are looking at footage. They see Thomas in a cop uniform in a parking garage. It must be by Nicky’s apartment. Erin comes running in saying is it true. Sid and Garrett are telling Frank to put aviation on it, it’s your granddaughter. Frank says how many other kidnappings do we put aviation on? Frank wants to play it by the book.

Nicky’s boyfriend shows up at the parking garage. Danny tells him to stay put. Wilder calls Danny on Nicky’s phone. Danny tells him she is an innocent kid and not to hurt her. Then Wilder goes crazy and hits Nicky. She is tied to a chair and gagged so she falls over when he hits her. She is crying. Danny says they can trace Nicky’s phone. Danny and Erin drive away in a car. I’m not sure where they are going. Erin has a gun. They find Nicky in the trunk of the car in the middle of nowhere. Whew! Thank goodness she is safe. She is a little banged up but she will be OK. Danny tells Erin to keep her hands on that gun. Danny runs into the tall grass after Wilder. I don’t think that is a good idea. He finds Wilder still dressed in his cop’s uniform staring at a tree. Wilder says you found me. Danny says you messed with the wrong family. Wilder says they will be inextricably linked together forever the serial killer and the cop. Danny tells Wilder to keep his hands where he can see them but Wilder puts his hands behind his back. Wilder says he will never leave the inside of Danny’s head. Wilder says if he is armed and Danny shoots him he will be a hero. If he is unarmed Danny will forever be known for shooting an unarmed man. Wilder throws out his hands extremely fast and they are empty. Danny shoots him dead. Later Danny tells Erin they will find it justified.

At the end of the show they are having the celebration about Italian immigrants. They unveil the statute of what they call the copper. It is of a cop in an old uniform from what I am guessing is the early 1900s. Commissioner Farrelly is making the speech. Then Frank goes up to speak. He says each cop’s family needs to support the police force. It is ultimately the beat cop who restores peace and keeps order in society and is the heart of policing and the heart of every city because without them they would not be gathered together in peace that afternoon. He hopes the statute will serve as a reminder of that. It was nice to see everyone all dressed up in their dress blues.

What do you think about the fact that Wilder let Nicky go? Why did he do that? It would have made for more drama if Wilder would have killed Nicky. Why do you think Wilder let himself get caught? Was he ready to die? Was he tired of running? Did he want suicide by cop? I was shocked when Wilder threw both his hands in front of him and he had no weapon.

What do you think of Nicky’s cop boyfriend? I think there is something shady about him. Also, he is scared. His hands were shaking while holding the gun at the scene of the stabbing. Let me know your thoughts about Wilder and Nicky’s boyfriend in the comments section.