London Has Fallen (2016)

The previous movie Olympus has Fallen was a great one. There was a lot of strategy in play and it was a great movie. 

In this one, all the presidents or prime ministers from various countries come to London to honor the death of the Prime Minister. It was declared a heart attack but once the autopsy was done they discovered it he was poisoned. 

The planning was really spot on. With every cop in the city all corrupted and they all began attacking the presidents. They even blew up the London Bridge.

 img 5130 - London Has Fallen (2016) 

All this happened because the Americans dropped a bomb at a wedding and missed their target killing his daughter in the process. 

The weird part was the American President said he had no idea there were civilians on the ground something which is really stupid to say as it was a wedding.  
img 5132 - London Has Fallen (2016) 
Which brings me to the part where this movie was nothing but rather an American propaganda. Here is why:
1. Movie is called London Has Fallen and yes London did get destroyed but the whole movie began and ended with the American president being hunted.

2. The MI6 have a mole and every other British police squads have been infiltrated. 

3. The president and Mike managed to get out of the house without a bullet touching them.

4. Mike and the president managed to escape the bomb’s fire which I actually very unrealistic.

5. How does 1 man manage to beat the hell out of 100s. 

But what actually made the movie good was how Mike was using his one liners which were really funny. 

 img 5129 - London Has Fallen (2016) 

Action wise it was a great movie and the plot kind of sucked towards the end as they escaped from that fire in a rather unrealistic way. 

What did you think about the movie?