The Blacklist: (S03E18) ‘Mr. Solomon: Conclusion (2)’

Remember wondering whether Red was Lizzy’s father or some way related? Or maybe the thought of being a family friend might have occurred to you.

We all have been and still are wondering why on Earth did Red do everything he has done so far. With Mr. Solomon who has been creating a huge mess for a while now still on the hunt for Elizabeth and Red still trying to protect her. 

The main priority being the baby slowed their escape down, as she got hit by Solomon’s car. The impact affecting her baby as she was getting deprived of oxygen as each second passed by. Like any other human being they rushed to the nearest hospital. 

When a man has nothing to loose like Mr. Solomon you stop caring about the rules as hey you were supposed to be locked up but you are free so why not make the most of it right? And he did. Following suit to the hospital and smiling at their trick of leaving a shoe behind he goes back to regroup.

What is impressive is the way the crew leaves no mark at all costs. The strategy is also amazing as he had an eye on the street as well as a team which could swipe a whole building clean without leaving any marks. 

You might remember a while back Tom being taken to Red’s private warehouse/nightclub hospital. Lizzy was taken there and her health went from bad to good to bad. I for one knew the baby would be born so the whole drama of she might not survive or she will die at birth was useless for me. 

But what shocked me the most was to see Lizzy die. For a moment I looked closely thinking that she might open her eyes they always do it’s Hollywood! But the body was bagged and still no sign of her moving. 

From what it seems the actress is leaving the show but again it could be a stunt to gain more views and create the suspense. Red has already done crazier things than faking deaths. 

Only time will tell but the death made this episode a hell of a good one.