Grey’s Anatomy (S12E18): “There’s a Fine, Fine Line”

Review: The episode starts when we see Miranda Bailey is calling a code pink because of a missing child. The whole hospital is going to be locked down. A few minutes into the crisis Alex Karev finds the kid they were looking for. All is good, you would say. Well, not exactly because when Miranda called the code all doors were locked and the elevators stopped running  Dr. Warren and DeLuca were just on their way to OB with a pregnant mother who was in a car crash. The patient seemed to by fine after first examining her, but out of a sudden the situation starts to become worse. Dr. Warren performs an emergency C-section on the patient in the hallway trying to save the mother and child. Moments later Bailey finds dr. Warren with a premature baby in his hands and DeLuca performing CPR on a patient that seems to have bleed out completely. Alex takes care of the baby while Arizona is trying to save the mother. It’s too late though, despite all the efforts the mum and her baby die. Bailey is the one who gets to tell a 14-year old child, who is taking care of her little brother,  that their mother just died and their father is still not awake and recovering from heavy surgery.

In the meantime we see a nervous dr. Bailey walking around the hospital to ask everyone involved exactly what happened and why her husband cut open a woman outside of the OR. Being your husbands boss can’t be easy on days like these. Dr. Warren felt like he had no choice given the circumstances. But it wasn’t that long ago when dr. Warren slice open a patient in the psych ward with nothing more than a clipboard, right?. And so the question remains did dr. Warren go rogue again or not? Dr. Bailey puts all the story’s together and gets a clearer picture of what happened. She also takes a look at the security camera footage which leads her to discover that right before Warren started cutting into the patient the elevator doors opened again. Dr. Warren looked right at them and just cut anyway. And so, Bailey still needs to decide how to discipline dr. Warren. She probably already knows what to do. It’s just hard to do it, when the person involved is your husband.