Grey’s Anatomy (S12E19): “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”

Review:  And the 2-hour Grey event continues. The question to what exactly happened when a “code pink” was called and dr. Warren and DeLuca were stuck in a hallway, which let dr. Warren to perform an emergency C-section on a pregnant mother may have been resolved (more or less). Dr. Bailey on the other hand still needs to make a decision on how to deal with dr. Warren and what repercussions need to be taken. She puts together an advisory panel  to recommend disciplinary action against dr. Warren. Grey, Hunt and Maggie are the lucky ones to be in this panel. At first dr. Warren is relieved that they are not lawyers, but they make it perfectly clear they will not go easy on him.

Meanwhile April and Jackson are talking strategies with their lawyers on how to get custody of their unborn baby and they are fighting over patients. In the end, Jackson goes to talk to April again, which seems to work. They are not yelling at each other and April even lets him touch her belly to let him feel their baby is kicking.

Callie and Penny are still on speaking terms even though last week Penny won a research grant and needs to decide whether or not she is taking it and move to New York. Callie is angry with Pennie for not even asking her to go with her. Arizona advices Callie to just make it work. Long distance relationships are hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work out. Callie takes Arizona’s advice a little too serious and is now making plans to move to New York with Penny and taking Sophia with her. And so Arizona feels the need to lawyer up as well, because she now wants to fight Callie for full custody over Sophia. What happened to talking to the other person first, Arizona?

In the end, the advisory panel recommends that although the elevator doors opened (and dr. Warren looked at the doors) they believe dr. Warren is telling the truth and that he was not aware of it at the time, because he was so focused on his patient and surgery. Bailey takes their advice, but still suspends dr. Warren from the residents program for six months. Dr. Warren is furious and we then find out Bailey actually wanted to fire dr. Warren, but didn’t because Hunt, Maggie and Grey talked her out of doing that. I’m not sure if Bailey’s marriage is going to survive this. It’s going to take some time for dr. Warren to accept the consequences of his actions and for Bailey to forgive Warren for doing what he did.