The Jungle Book Movie Review (2016)

All I can really say is, wow! Disney is really hitting the ball out of the park with these talking animal movies, first we had Zootopia during like January or February and now we have The Jungle Book which is the film I’m reviewing today!

In the live-action adaption to the classic animation film that Disney brought out a long, long, time ago. In the film we are introduced to a nice pan of the south side of the jungle where then we see Mowgli (Neel Sethi) running through the jungle trying to keep up with his wolf brothers and sisters as they run away from Bagheera (Ben Kingsley). Bagheera pounces onto Mowgli, and giving him a lesson in which to learn from; Mowgli then returns to the wolf pack where we are introduced to the wolf who has treated Mowgli as a son, Raksha (Lapita Nyong`o) and pack leader Akela (Giancarlo Esposito) who go through their normal routine of reciting the way of the jungle. After the seasons had passed the peace rock had been revealed, where every species is forced to come to the spot to drink the water without being preyed on. Its then Shere Kahn (Idris Elba) makes his presence known to the species of the jungle; Shere Kahn then smells an unfamiliar scent where he then locks eyes with Mowgli. Shere Kahn then reminds every species the one rule that must never be broken duing the peace time of the peace rock, man is forbidden at the spot. Shere Kahn not wanting to break the peace lets the boy live, but threatens the whole jungle, if the boy is not given up he will kill all life that harbors the boy. The wolves then choose to let Mowgli go to return to the village of man in hopes that man will be able to protect the boy. While Mowgli is on his journey to the village of man he comes across a snake who swears to protect him, the snake goes by the name of Kaa (Scarlett Johansen), he also comes across a bear known as Baloo (Bill Murray) and the king of the apes King Louie (Christopher Walken), will Mowgli survive this intense journey to the village? Or will he come to terms that the jungle really is his home? Find out by going to see the movie!

Honestly, I found this live-action adaption of the animated movie to be really well done. The animations of the animals were fantastic, it amazes me how this new comer actor acts so well in this film when every animal is pretty much CGI. I mean do you realize how much green screen that is? A lot thats how much! But in all honesty, this film is a phenomenal film that is highly recommended to all movie goers! The CGI, the 3D Modeling of the environments, everything of the film was so beautiful, I think I cried a little while watching it because of it being so beautiful for the art aspect. Jon Favreau proves once again how much of a phenomenal director he is as well!

My rating for this film would have to be: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars which would be a A-

The Jungle Book is now out in theaters