What is ‘Goodshows’?

While most of us may be looking for apps to keep track of our shows we watch and adore, Siddarth Chaturvedi formerly at Crowdfire decided to fill in the market gap with an app (iOS only) called Goodshows.

Its main competitor being TV Show Time also has some of the features available on Goodshows. But Siddarth says it’s quite different. ‘Gooshows is more than a TV show calendar app.’ It involves deeper aspects. It’s more about the vibrant community where you can discuss your opinions and discover new shows based on your friend’s and like-minded people’s recommendations. It is more or less like a social media. So not only can you track shows but also find out everyone else who is just as excited as you are.’

Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither did Goodshows. ‘We were ideating on this idea from last 6-7 months but real development happened in 3 months the App was in beta for 1.5 month.’ And he did it with his friends ‘We are a team of 3 people. I made the iOS app, my friend made the whole server-side back-end and we have a super cool intern who is making the upcoming android app.’ The app has an Instagram like interface for a reason: ‘Its simple and elegant,  we try to make the app as simple as possible to use.’


img 5154 - What is 'Goodshows'?
Siddarth Chaturvedi – Founder of Good Shows


His biggest fan so far is his mom who has been supporting him during highs and lows. ‘She is always encouraging me, I left my job to pursue this app full-time and she has been all along with me in this decision.’ He decided to start this app as he was the ‘movie or series guy’ in his friend circle. ‘I was the movie/tv geek in my friend circle and everybody used to ask me what I was watching, which new show is worth watching, etc.’ EUREKA!  ‘This is when we realized that it’s better to have an app where you can discover and discuss with friends.’

He has faced a few challenges but overcame them all learning and enjoying in the process but he faces one main challenge so far: ‘We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of making it, only challenge I see now is getting Good Shows discovered by as many people as possible.’ All of his focus now lies on the app as he isn’t looking to develop any other apps. ‘Goodshows is the only focus for now.’  With the app being free on the app store his main focus is growth. ‘We are currently focused on user growth and making it the biggest TV/movie fan’s community’ but added ‘we are actively looking for funding at the moment.’ He has his sights on the future and hopes to see the app flying high beginning with the android app launch in May. ‘We should have an Android beta build up in a couple of weeks, and from then on, I expect a final version to be up this May.’ And in the long-term he hopes to see growth in numbers of users.We want to build Goodshows into an incredible community where your opinions lead to engaging and interesting conversations, I hope people find new TV shows and movies from Goodshows and who knows maybe one day a movie can have their exclusive trailer launch in our app.

The app has been released on the app store for quite some time, and users keep on suggesting improvements and giving feedback and it’s quite simple.’You can connect with us via our twitter page or via feedback section inside the app.’ He did spill the beans on the new developments we will see soon and they include:

  • We just pushed a new updated last weekend, one such exciting feature is – Request a review – Know your friends’ opinions on different shows by asking them with request-review feature.
  • Our new feature lists we will give users the ability to make their favourite movies and tv shows collections and can be able to share with their friends and by default, it will appear in their followers timeline. eg. My best action movies, My favourite war movies, my best drama tv shows etc. 
  • We are working on a mutual watch-list as well. This will be really helpful when two of you want to watch a movie together, and you don’t know what to watch. Mutual watch-list will find a common TV show or movie for you. 

The tagline for Goodshows is quite a catch.  ‘If you don’t want to get bored in life, join Goodshows.’ He goes on to summarize what exactly is Good Shows all about. ‘You can follow your friends and like-minded reviewers to discover new movies and shows to watch, and discuss your favorites.’ Not only that but it also makes sure you don’t walk into a spoiler. ‘You can rate and review all the shows that you watch and the app takes care of spoilers as well.’