Cancel Series Tournament (#CST)

Cancel Series Tournament (CST) is a tournament launched by TV Series Hub where fans of various different shows nominate series that deserve to be cancelled. Everyone has their own reasons for nominations. The nominations were done on our Twitter and 16 different series were nominated.

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Cancel Series Tournament:

cup11 - Cancel Series Tournament (#CST)

  • All votes are done on Twitter only.
  • All votes last 24 hours.
  • There is one match a day.
  • In case of a draw. The person who tweets first which show should be cancelled wins.
  • We hope you retweet it and tag your friends to make the competition vigorous.

Match 1: New Girl vs The Big Bang Theory

With a very close tie. New Girl gets voted 23 times only 2 less than The Big Bang Theory. Even though some voters mistakenly voted for the wrong series it seems it turned out to be on their side after all.

Taking a look at a few reasons why The Big Bang Theory was voted as a series that should be cancelled in this round.

  • It has been on for a long time.
  • They are already loosing the jokes and the relationships are saturated.
  • We don’t see anyone new joining the group.
  • Every character has the same role in every episode.
  • We are getting tired of seeing the same jokes being repeated again.

Match 2: Stitchers vs Quantico

Another close one out here. Stitchers [82] – [88] Quantico. Things got a little tense this round as various Stitchers fans weren’t happy to the their show’s name in a cancelled tournament. Even the executive producer got involved and he wasn’t very happy but the results changed his mind.

But hey he does have a good sense of humour.

Here are the reasons why Quantico went to the next round:

  • The show decided to make Alex continue to pursue the investigations even after she got an out. This made them go through the whole process again and it kind of seems repetitive now as in same idea different presentation.
  • Many Stitchers fans were involved in RTing the polls with the exec. producer as well which got them more exposure.
  • Quantico shows the lead character Alex as a player type character as in she manages to get more information and influence due to her relationships with the heads. This kind of misrepresents women.

Match 3: Power vs Legends of Tomorrow

Power [14] -[9] Legends of Tomorrow. With little to no interest from the fans this proves to be one of the two most candidates to be cancelled. And to say that Power managed to topple Legends of Tomorrow to be cancelled by the fans indicates the show must change its direction. I for one don’t watch Power so I can’t say the reasons.

But you can say one vote wasn’t entirely accurate.

Match 4: Supergirl vs Survivor

Supergirl [13] – [28] Survivor. With many possible reasons for it to be cancelled here are a few:

  • It has been on for too long already that it’s getting boring.
  • Challenges don’t change a lot just the faces.
  • 45 minutes is too much for such a show.
  • Many don’t like this genre.

Match 5: Grimm vs Crowded

I for one have tried Crowded and yes it really isn’t that catchy. Results are in as Crowded gets 18 votes out of 22 to be cancelled which gives a big idea of how much fans think the time spot should be reserved for something better and here is why:

  • It lacks a continuous story-line.
  • Jokes aren’t really that funny.
  • There isn’t a lot of message behind each episode.
  • Other than having a famous actress the show has no more attractions.

Match 6: Arrow vs Scandal

A very tough one with both shows being really good.

But there always must be a winner (Arrow [13] – [23] Scandal) and it isn’t very surprising it’s Scandal. Here is why:

  • Scandal has lost it’s touch and this season seems to be a copy of real life events.
  • Olivia has saturated all of her love options and the whole Fitz and Jake thing is getting boring now.
  • Scandal has been on for too long and The Catch seems to be a good replacement for the Shondaland.
  • Scandal has this repetitive story now like one runs the office while Olivia goes mad even though they are trying to uncover the father’s plot but it’s just getting kind of old now.

Match 7: Hell’s Kitchen vs Empire

I don’t watch Hell’s Kitchen but I do watch Empire and it is the ‘it’ series! The results prove it: Hell’s Kitchen [19] – [10] Empire.

Match 8: Bachelor vs Lucifer

Bachelor takes a huge hit (27) and Lucifer which has gotten better since the last few episodes wins with 8 votes. Haven’t seen Bachelor but so far every reality show has taken a hit.

Match 9: The Big Bang Theory vs Quantico [Quarter-Final]

Quantico takes another loss. Things seem to be taking a bad turn after a brilliant start to the season. The reason simply being because they are now repeating the idea but different setting. I bet another bomb will go off before we know who is behind the first let alone the second.

Quantico [17] – [15] The Big Bang Theory.

Match 10: Power vs Survivor:

Results: Power [3] – [15] Survivor.

Match 11: Crowded vs Scandal

Crowded [10] – [4] Scandal.

Match 12: Hell’s Kitchen vs Bachelor

Hell’s Kitchen [1] – [10] Bachelor.

Match 13: Quantico vs Survivor


Quantico [4] – [11] Survivor.

Match 14: Crowded vs Bachelor

Crowded [4] – [8] Bachelor.

Match 15: Quantico vs Crowded (3rd & 4th place)