Fear the Walking Dead (S02E02): “We All Fall Down”



Second episode into season two of Fear the Walking Dead, and the crew aboard the Abigail took a break from the high seas of LA. The pit stop that they made in tonights episode didn’t seem like the better plan either after the events of tonights episode.

Lets start off with that opening scene, with the kids playing on the beach, and the walkers coming out of the water I mean WHAT?? You’d think that parents would be more protective over there children in this situation but no. Well you know they do warn us before the episode starts I guess viewer discretion is actually really advised. But you know thank gosh for that gate.

That scene where Madison is yelling at Nick, like mother like daughter the sass is real. 

With civilisation and society crumbling, the last resemblances of civilian life is bleak which forces them to go back to you they were before the outbreak. Let’s just say when they take refuge at a ranger station, things don’t go the way they’d like. If there’s anything worse then a undead apocalypse its unwelcomed guests so Travis, Madison, Alicia, Chris & Nick’s presence don’t sit to well with the family living there. I mean my first impression of the family wasn’t good, I mean talk about sketchy, there was a bad vibe from them. Plus the fact that Travis told them there scared too, I mean talk about stranger danger, you should never let others know your fears in this kind of situation.

Meanwhile Daniel stays behind with Ofelia and Strand, not just for company but to keep an eye on Strand, who’s a little to mysterious for my liking, which is why he’s such an appealing and intriguing character. Seeing Daniel snoop around Strand’s business is really interesting to watch unfold, even more so to see whether these two will see eye to eye or not. Ofelia yet again was in the background of tonights episode, so I’m curious to see her character development.

Travis gets to know George who’s stuck with his own set of beliefs , while Madison gets to know his wife Melissa. I mean talk about inquisitive asking several questions about her personal life and job specifically about being a counselor, working with younger kids. Not just that but she was clearly sick. Turns out the kids from the start weren’t random, there Melissa’s and George’s, they also have an elder son Seth.

Chris clearly is still not coping and dealing well with his loss, although because of it, he’s finally getting his anger out which is good. Nick on the other hand was just amazing in this episode, seeing him spend time with the young boy was all too cute. Alicia on the other hand, was much more quite in this episode, the whole ring ring around a rosie song became morbid. After they explained the meaning of that tune, I’ll never see it the same now. Then flash forward to her yet again just listening to music and thinking about her boyfriend, a nice parallel to season one, although all to heartbreaking.

Most shocking part of tonights episode wasn’t just when the little girl takes the pills and turns in her mothers arm, but then the fact that she bites her was kinda horrifying. Even more saddening about this scene was watch the husband see it happen, then Madison yelling to get away from her and the fact that they took the younger son.

Then again with the elder son Seth showing up with a gun which is admirable in the manner that he won’t let them take his brother. Lets just put it out there that Fear the Walking Dead has a habit of starting out really well, keeping a good pace throughout the episode then they go an throw something major in the final moments of the episode. I mean the way he was waving that gun around was dangerous especially the fact that they just stood there openly not protecting themselves. Wow that final moment with Madison waving to the boy and the gun goes off, just powerful, thats really good writing right there.

What I love about Fear the Walking Dead, while it may lack in the action which is what a lot of people are eager to get out of this show. They forget its about normal people trying to survive, not only having to work against the infected but there battling themselves and there personal demons, losses and pain. What makes it interesting to watch is that these are real people struggling to come to terms with what society and reality now is, and the fact that emotions and feelings become the ultimate weakness, its what will lead to your death. It’s seen when Alicia draws her last happy memory with Matt on that page, then again when she talks to Nick. Also with Daniel and Ofelia “this is not the world you wanted to know” that for me personally is such a brilliant line. Such a relatable thing, not just in there context but in ours, theres just normal people that are reduced to mere survivors.

I can’t wait for next week though, finally Flight 462 is connecting with Fear the Walking Dead, not just that but it looks like hopefully we’ll get more action and more walkers.