Blindspot: (S1E17) “Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts”


Before we get to this week’s episode, let me catch you up on last week’s titled “Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts” in which we predominantly followed an ever-inquisitive Patterson (Ashley Johnson) as she – along with dead David (Joe Dinicol) – attempts to solve another tattoo. Leading up to their one year anniversary David had organised a scavenger hunt, and this dinner was the first step. A hurting Patterson knows that he should have been here, and that this whole adventure would have been “super romantic” but regardless Patterson indulges the charming David and begins the hunt. Elsewhere, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Oscar (Francois Arnaud) are breathless after their latest sexual escapade, and completely awkward. Jane leaves, and we cut to another one of the leading couples – Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) and Allie (Trieste Kelly Dunn) – where, for the first time since getting back together, we see Kurt extend the olive branch; he invites her to family dinner.

Back with Patterson, and the first stop on the adventure in David’s apartment. Stonewalled by the landlord, even when she flashed her badge Patterson, for the first we’ve seen, must act on her feet, in the field. David and she argue – or should I say share in some quippy banter – she as breaks into his apartment. Not so stealthily. When inside Patterson is shocked to find the entire contents of David’s life gone. Where the hell is the clue then? After continuing their back and forth, Patterson focuses and finds the cue; a key for the Carson Clock company. Meanwhile, Sarah (Jordana Spiro) has shown up at Reade’s (Rob Brown) apartment; she knows he loves her, she knows him. It has to be said that this relationship is one to root for; obviously acting out of love Reade is trying to do what he thinks is right. Doesn’t make it any easier to watch when he completely shuts Sarah down. He isn’t the only member of the team having trouble; Zapata (Audrey Esparza) has met her ADA handler, and demands that if she helps, her main focus is to be on Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), not anyone else from her team. He agrees, somewhat reluctantly.

Speaking of Mayfair, we meet her in a bar (drinking her sorrows maybe) as she witnesses a nearby patron being accosted by a middle-aged man. With all the power that is Mayfair, she steps over and intervenes and to be honest we all know, as an audience, we don’t mess with Mayfair. To thank her, the lady – Alexandra – asks Mayfair if she’d help her finish of the bottle of wine. Of course she accepts. The two share a very flirtatious exchange, and Alexandra doesn’t hold anything back, and they end up exchanging numbers. Now was it only me, or did anyone think Alexandra may be a plant to keep an eye on Mayfair? Intermittently cut with Zapata’s conversation with the ADA, his belief that she is dirty starts to rub off. Zapata seems to be believing it now.

Checking back in with the dynamic duo, Patterson and David have now followed the clues to the Carson Clock company where the next clue she uncovers is an Automaton. With the key she found at David’s apartment, and help from the store attendant, the Automaton performs a
“magic” trick. What it reveals, is another tattoo, but one they’ve already solved; it’s a constellation, Andromeda, the bull. What does that mean? With a little brainstorming, Patterson works out that the tattoos have multiple meanings. Taking it back to the drawing board, she discovers another hidden link, Aldebaran. This leads her to an Antiques store where she meets Mark Waterman. Catch is, that isn’t his real name. After sitting down for tea with Mark, and questioning him about particular things regarding this tattoo, he’s shaken. It isn’t long before he smothers Patterson and she’s tied up. He’s losing it, and somehow it doesn’t seem that he is connected to Jane at all.

When the team conclude that something is up, after Patterson doesn’t show for work, they jump into action. They retrace her steps and come upon the antiques store, with no Patterson in sight. The dig deeper into “Mark Waterman” to discover there is no such person and in fact his real name is Owen Lyman, brother of Senator Lyman. They search through files, evidence and information regarding both brothers and come across land they own. They’ve got it! Especially when we cut back to Patterson escaping into the woods, bare foot, and snow on ground. Run, Patterson, run.

Ashley Johnson delivered another outstanding performance this week – the power of these female leads in undeniable and this week was no different. As Patterson sits, shivering and bare foot in the middle of the woods, it seems like she’s given up all hope. But just as that happens, David is there. His encouragement and Patterson’ progressing state of vulnerability is heartbreaking, and the fact that this relationship is a figment of her grieving mind acts insult to injury. But nonetheless, his love and commitment to Patterson does will out. With a strong couple of words, Patterson finds inner power to get up and move. To run. As she does, Owen Lyman remerges, yet the sweet, sweet timing of Jane is welcomed. Patterson is saved, and Jane ensures her she’s safe. She’s okay now. Back at headquarters, the team uncovers that Senator Lyman has, for years, been covering up his brothers crimes. And that the cover up goes deep. Into government, into corporations. Not sure if this case encouraged Reade to speak up, but nonetheless as the case is closed, he confesses to Mayfair the truth of what’s been going on.

The Weller family dinner gets underway after Sawyer has done an amazing job as a gall bladder – hilarious, writers, hilarious! And in a rare development, Kurt stands to make a speech. He makes mention of how happy he is that everyone is together, that the past is behind them and they’ve moved beyond all previous struggles. Weller and his father share an embrace to which his father states how glad he is that the distance between them is gone. Meanwhile, Jane meets Oscar at their rendezvous point where he has her next mission ready – you need to tell Weller you are having memories. “We” didn’t bet on him getting back with Allie, so now this is what has to happen. Jane doesn’t seem to like this, but at the same time doesn’t really have a problem with – she’s preoccupied, obviously after the events of the night before. Both admitting that sleeping together was a mistake doesn’t seem to dampen the intense chemistry these two have; and it is well and truly official that that flame is rekindled. To twist the knife a little bit more, as if Patterson’ journey this episode hadn’t already wrecked us, the goodbye she shares with David at the end is breathtaking. Exchanging “I love you” and Patterson admitting that she doesn’t want David to go may is enough to make anyone cry, but when he assures her that there will be somebody else, and that she will be ready, we’re done. Said before, but I’ll say it again, Ashley Johnson delivered a knock-out performance; gripping, soul-crushing and completely vulnerable work.