Castle: (S08E18) “Backstabber”


Castle begins with Hayley getting into a car with someone and she asks why is she doing this? He answers because he saved her ass in Marrakesh. His name is Bryce. There is another guy in the back. Hayley is going to put spyware on someone’s computer because his wife thinks he is cheating so Hayley is keeping up with her own private investigation work. One of the guys has gone in with Hailey. They thought they were alone but then they see a couple in another room getting a little frisky. Hayley’s spyware is successfully loaded and she says let’s get out of here. I think she leaves the guy behind and leaves on her own. The next scene shows the guy she was with lying on the ground dead with blood on his head. A janitor is vacuuming and comes across his body and screams.

Now Castle and Beckett are at home talking about one of her dreams and he made her mad in the dream. Meanwhile at Rick’s office Martha is practicing her autograph and shows it to Alexis and asks if she notices the difference. Alexis says no it is exactly the same. Martha explains it some more and Hayley and Alexis decide to agree to seeing the difference just to end the conversation. Rick comes in and says to his mom cool new autograph and explains it just the way Martha was trying to explain it to Alexis and Hayley. Cute. Mother and son understand each other.

Castle says he has to go to a murder at this certain building. Hayley hears the name of the building and wants to go with them. Hayley and Rick meet Ryan, Esposito, & Laney at the building. The victim has a big bar run into his back. He also happens to be the guy that was in the back of the van Hayley was in last night. Hayley looks at his watch and says he died at 3:27 a.m. as that is when his watch was broken. She gets out the victims mints and “accidentally” gets her prints on the mints as she had touched them the night before. She apologizes and Rick says rookie move so they make notes that Hayley’s prints will be on the mints. Esposito gets the ID on the dead guy. His name is Marcus.

Hayley calls the other guy she was with last night, Bryce, and he says he is sorry. There was no cheating husband and all she has to know is code 44. Hayley goes to her apartment and digs into the floorboards where she finds a bag with money, weapons, and passports. Someone comes in. It is Alexis. Hayley pulls the gun on her before she realizes who it is.

Hayley asks “What the hell are you doing here?” Alexis says “If this is the way you treat people, I will be happy to give you back your spare key.” Alexis says “If you are in trouble you can talk to me.” Hayley says the friend she helped on a simple PI job with last night lied to her and the job went bad. It actually had to do with MI6 and they told her to go code 44 which means she has to run away from everyone and everything for their safety. Alexis says no, she needs to stay and face it and Castle and Beckett can help.

Rick gets to the precinct and Ryan and Esposito tell Rick that Beckett is really mad at Castle. He says, it’s just a dream.

Ryan and Esposito are talking to the employee who was at the office the same time as Hayley. His name is Nick. They could tell his computer was logged on to at 3:02 am. They ask Nick why he was at the office at that hour. He logged out at 3:10. Nick says he was there working. Nick says he can prove he was at a hitch ride by 3:19 am.  Ryan and Esposito let him go as he couldn’t have killed Marcus.

Hayley stops Nick and practically drowns him in the toilet and gets him to confess to the fact that he was not alone at the office and that he had a woman with him. Her name was Carla. Nothing ever happened with Carla as Ned had trouble getting her corset off so she left. They ask if he saw her leave or if she could have stayed behind. Hayley tries to say that Carla could have killed Marcus. Somehow Rick figures out that Hayley is hiding something. She confesses to Beckett and Rick that she was in the building. She says her old MI6 team leader Bryce called her for a private investigation job last night. She says that Carla must have known Marcus. She says Bryce told her it was a basic cheating spouse gig but later he confessed it was much more.

Rick, Beckett, and Hayley go to Bryce’s house but he is dead and the house looks broken into. Bryce has been stabbed in the back the exact same way Marcus was. Laney is there to confirm this information. Rick, Esposito, & Ryan are trying to figure things out. Meanwhile Hayley gets a text telling her that she has had ten million dollars deposited into her account. A power plant in England has been hacked and people are without power. It is being called an act of terrorism and Hayley is the suspect as she has the money in her account. Someone set her up. The spyware she used last night must have been a virus.

Ryan and Esposito do some background checks on Carla. Nick says what bar he met her at but when they interview the bar staff, they never saw her before so Ned was set up. Hayley describes the corset Carla was wearing and Rick identifies it in the computer. Alexis asks if she wants to know. Rick says research for Nikki Heat. Hayley looks up and sees a man come in who is an agent for MI 6. His name is Mallory. Rick and Alexis quickly hide Hayley somehow and Rick says he hasn’t seen Hayley since the morning. Alexis is with Hayley where they can watch and hear Rick’s conversation with Agent Mallory. He hints that Hayley will kill him and his daughter the way she killed her old MI6 partner. After Mallory leaves Rick and Alexis ask Hayley if she let her old partner Wesley die. Hayley says it is complicated.

Beth Wynne is Carla’s real name. Ryan and Esposito were able to track her down through the shop where she bought the corset. She is staying at a cheap motel so Rick, Hayley, Ryan, and Esposito go to arrest her.

Castle asks Beth what she was really doing there. She said that it took more than Hayley’s worm to cause the power outage. She needed someone else to log into the system at the same time which is why she picked up Ned. Beth says Marcus is the one who recruited her. Marcus had a boss named Edgar. Bryce was on this job solely to get to Hayley. Laney says both Marcus and Bryce were stabbed by the same killer. Beth has Marcus’s laptop with information on the case.

Back at Castle’s office, Hayley breaks into Marcus’s laptop and finds a program that she helped write. Hayley says she needs a stronger laptop so Alexis goes into the back to get another laptop but when she comes out, Hayley is gone.

Ryan and Esposito get a picture of this Edgar guy. Alexis calls Castle and tells her that Hayley is gone and that she helped write the code or worm that was used last night. They wanted to use that against her. Edgar is really Wesley. Hayley figured this out and goes to meet him.

Beckett and Castle are talking to Agent Mallory. He tells them Hayley helped write the program. Bryce led a mission with Hayley and Wesley to get the program back from the wrong hands. Things went wrong and Wesley got left behind. Mallory said Wesley and Hayley were close and more loyal to each other than to MI6.

Wesley had been horribly wounded in the extraction and shows Hayley his wounds. He admits to killing Marcus and Bryce. Wesley keeps talking about a plan he and Hayley had to get ten million dollars each for their retirement plan. Apparently only Wesley was serious about that. Hayley says she has to take him in. Wesley beats Hayley up badly and then ties her up. Wesley has gone mad with greed, anger, and revenge for his wounds. He says the only thing that would make him happy is his ten million dollars and perhaps hers and then it looks as if he makes a motion to stab her.

The police get there just in time. Rick frees Hayley who herself quickly disappears. Wesley is wandering around. She sees him and gets behind him and says let me see your hands. He has a large knife. Wesley says this is going to go one of two ways, either he dies or Hayley dies. Wesley says good bye Hayley and goes to stab Hayley. She says Wesley no and shoots him. Rick says you had no choice. Ryan and Esposito are there as well.

Back at the station Ryan and Esposito thank Beckett for letting Hayley look like the hero here. Beckett goes out for drinks with her two favorite detectives. At Castle’s office Hayley, Castle, and Alexis are having a drink. Agent Mallory is there and asks Hayley if she wants to come back to MI6. Hayley tells Mallory to piss off. So I’m guessing that’s a no. Rick says you don’t have to mourn your friends alone you know. Alexis hugs Hayley and says you don’t ever have to do anything alone again.

Later Beckett and Rick are back at their apartment. Rick says he knows he should not keep things from her. She has been through a lot of changes with becoming captain, moving in with him, and getting married. What Castle has done is restore her dad’s bike. It is beautiful. Rick tells her to take the trip across the country she always wanted to take. Beckett says she isn’t going alone. Rick was hoping she would say that and says that he has his own license and his own bike. Beckett says they aren’t sleeping tonight and to bring the helmet. Rick smiles and says “Safety first.”

So, this was an interesting episode getting to know more about Hayley. It was announced Monday that Stana Katic and Tamala Jones, who plays Laney, were not asked back for a season nine if there even will be a season nine. Nothing has been announced about a renewal for Castle. Click here for the official ABC announcement.