Gotham: (S02E18) ‘Pinewood’

This was by far the best episode I have seen. Gotham has been working on different angles since the start. As previously discussed they have the Dr Hugo, Jim Gordon, Bruce and Penguin.
Although Penguin is out of his cage he didn’t show up this episode and for the right reason. This was all about the Wayne situation.

Three angles developed in such a way that they now intersect giving us this mind blowing episode.

We now find out that Hugo ‘Philisopher’ was a good friend of Mr. Wayne and he ordered the hit. It is all because of the computer that Lucious fixed up.

Visiting Karen they find out about the project and well it was cancelled by Wayne but it continued and for that he was killed.

The project was supposed to help people but Hugo had other ideas and began experimenting and his success is shown at the end of the episode as Gallavan is back on his feet and more powerful than before.

What actually made this episode great was the way they managed to get the story to meet up. Gordon going after the name by himself but then he gets forcely accompanied by Barbara who ends up helping him. She still holds him closely to her heart but Jim is nowhere near to forgiving her. 

Getting the name he gets a call from Bruce who is at the police station because he got caught along with Alfred and Karen in the old institute. Turns out Gotham is no stranger to Karen’s condition as they have a special jail for her where she is taken to.

The gang decided to break her out and money the decider of everything helped them do that. If you remember Mr. Freeze, he shows up with a suit this time and gets Karen then leaves.

The stupid part for me was how Jim and Alfred kept shooting at his suit rather than his head. 

Now that we know Dr Hugo is the man who ordered the hit, Gallavan is out and Mr. Freeze can do some damage this series got exciting to a whole new level.