Scorpion: (S02E23) “Chernobyl Intentions”


Toby is testifying at a hearing about Mark Collins, one of the original members of Team Scorpion. They are trying to decide if he is a candidate for release from a mental facility. Toby says “Medically speaking, he is nuttier than peanut brittle.” Mark goes crazy saying “I will kill you.” and lunges at Toby.

For some reason Happy and Sylvester are feeding Ralph chocolate. Then Walter asks Paige why they keep getting invoices from Fort Knox. Paige says it’s because they flooded Fort Knox. Walter says send them to Homeland. It turns out the chocolates are from Tim. Paige insists that the chocolates are for everyone not just her. Happy reveals Paige has been on three dates in one week with Tim.

Toby calls Walter and Walter says “You aggravated Collins, didn’t you?” Toby says yes. Later on we will see how badly Toby aggravated Collins.

Happy asks how Walter is doing now that Tim is sending Paige chocolates and that they are dating. Happy tells Walter that she understands that every time Walter loves it turns out badly such as with his parents, his sister, and Linda.

Cabe comes in with someone from the Energy Council. They are talking about the breakdown at Chernobyl 30 years ago. Russia used a concrete dome over Chernobyl to block radiation from escaping the site. The concrete is decaying now and might not be containing all of the radiation. If rain gets in, it will create smoke that will destroy crops. Someone has created a concrete sarcophagus to put over the Chernobyl site but they need a team of experts to determine how best to place the sarcophagus to best contain the radiation.

 Sylvester says the only way is to be inside the facility for at least an hour but that would be enough to kill them. That doesn’t sound good. They also talk about testing the ground nearby for radiation levels instead. Cabe tells everyone to get their passports. Sylvester says he wishes he didn’t have a passport.

Happy has a device they can send in that will detect the radiation level. They nickname it Randy. They talk about how they are getting radiation just being near the plant. Sylvester goes in a small plane with the lady from the energy council over the dome because he wrote the program that measures the radiation and controls Randy. They discover a potential problem inside Chernobyl. It could be serious. Something bursts into flames inside Chernobyl. The plane is having problems flying because the radiation is affecting the plane. The plane lands but crashes into Chernobyl with the Energy Council woman, Paige, & Sylvester onboard.

Walter runs toward the plane. Everyone is OK but they are getting high radiation levels. Walter says much of the coating is intact because otherwise they would be dead by now. The corium, the source of the radiation, is orange and red and glowing like volcano lava. The corium has 40 minutes until it hits some nuclear rods that will cause a whole new Chernobyl. Actually, it will be worse than Chernobyl.

The team talks about the best way to get the plane and Paige, Sylvester, and the Energy Council lady out of there. They need to tow the plane out of the building. The air inside Chernobyl will fry their lungs if they breathe it. They find oxygen tanks to use.

Cabe, Happy, & Walter tie chains around a nearby merry go round to try to power something to tow the plane out of the building. The energy council lady, Sylvester, & Paige get back in the plane so they can get towed out of the building. Something is stopping the plane. Paige gets out to pry it lose. She gets knocked back and is still inside Chernobyl. So at this point everyone is out of Chernobyl except Paige and then Walter goes in to get her. The dome is cracking and caving in. Walter and Paige are trapped in Chernobyl. The corium is only about ten minutes away from the nuclear rods. Walter says they need to implode the building onto itself to stop the corium from moving to the nuclear rods. Happy says it’s not a good idea to stay in an imploded building. Walter says he will figure a way out. Walter and Paige basically have to climb a wall to get to this spot of light on the ceiling that they hope is large enough for them to crawl out. It is up to Happy to come up with the explosives to implode Chernobyl.

Now the corium is only five feet away from the nuclear rods. Paige’s knee is hurt and is slowing her down. They only have about four or five minutes to get out. Paige tells Walter to go on and she will catch up. He says no, they are doing this together. Now Walter and Paige are literally walking a high beam. Walter loses his footing and is hanging from the beam. He has lost his oxygen tank but he is holding his breath because he cannot breathe the air inside Chernobyl. Paige kisses some air into Walter so he can pull himself up. Now they are both holding their breath. They reach the end of the high beam. Paige’s oxygen tank is empty. They make it out. They are on top of the concrete dome covering Chernobyl.

Walter has an extension cord and a concrete block. He wraps the cord around both of them. They have less than one minute to get down. Sylvester yells 35 seconds. Walter tells Paige to look at him and please have faith he is right. They step off the building. Commercial break of course. I am trying to breathe. Scorpion manages to almost give me a heart attack every week. Is that one of their goals?

Back from commercial. Walter and Paige land just mere inches from the ground. Cabe and the energy council lady untie them. Everyone runs from the building as it implodes as Happy and Sylvester have detonated the explosives. It doesn’t look good there for a minute but they all emerge from the cloud of dust safely.

They are back at Scorpion headquarters and Walter has concocted them a special drink to help counteract the radiation. Walter has two tickets to a jazz festival. Happy goes over to Walter and tells him to ask her. Happy says Paige jumped off a building with you. She trusts you. He just hates to lose. He says the risk is too high. Happy says it is difficult for her to talk about Walter’s personal life with him. The phone rings and Paige answers it. I am not sure who it is.

Toby asks Walter for the keys to the company car. Walter says they don’t have one. Toby says Walter’s car is now the company car. Walter has gone up to Paige and thanks her for giving him air and for trusting him to jump off the building with him. Then he asks if she likes jazz and explains jazz to her. She asks why he is bringing this up. Walter says he has these tickets. Paige’s cell phone goes off and it is Tim but she doesn’t answer it. Then Walter chickens out and asks if Paige would like to go to the concert festival with Tim. Paige thinks about it and says she will ask Tim to go if he wants. Walter says Enjoy. I can’t believe he chickened out. I am so disappointed in Walter right now. I am sure Happy wants to kill him.

Toby has just picked up the ring he had specially made for Happy. Just as he is texting Sylvester a picture of the ring, someone comes up behind Toby, knocks him out, and drags him into the back of a van. It is Mark. The words to be continued come up on the screen. Grrrr….Damn you Scorpion. How did Mark get out? Well, he is a genius so…I guess we will have to wait and see if they show us next week how he escaped the mental facility. Next week also happens to be the Scorpion season finale.

This was another exciting episode of Scorpion. I loved how Happy stepped up and tried to help Walter with his relationship with Paige. It’s not Happy’s fault Walter chickened out. I liked how this episode was perfectly balanced by excitement and personal issues. What did you think of the episode? If you like what I have written, please feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook or your followers on Twitter.