Supergirl: (S01E20) ‘Better Angels’ [Finale]

Being the finale, Supergirl was the only one who could save the planet Earth from the Myriad. She didn’t want to say her goodbyes scared that she wouldn’t be able to leave her sister.

Sounds like a fair take story? Well it is! 😂

Apparently the Myriad wasn’t over and they decided to damage your brain from inside rather than control you. The only way left was to destroy their station which looks very much like the ark from the 100.

Her chances were slim like any superhero but then she ends up beating the ‘odds’ and defeating her enemies. 

But the ending was a cliffhanger, a new pod hit and we will find out who it is.

The episode had some good humour as well and a lot of hero moments. But the best part for Kara was when she gets promoted. 

The rating was 1.2 kind of low but so far it seems it will get renewed.