Awkward: (S05E18) ‘Digging Deep’

After getting Jake fired, the gang were at a diner having breakfast feeling awful. Mostly for not inviting him to the party which got him fired. 

They brainstormed into throwing him a party and what’s worse is that everyone of them left their purse or money at the club. And ofcourse none other than Jenna doesn’t escape.

Jake on the other hand was furious but he was controlled by his woman (yes they do 😂) and somehow convinced to join her father’s partner’s start-up. 

Sending him away to get clothes for his interview Lisa went on to plan the whole party with the gang.

During the party Jenna got an email that her piece about her relationship with Matty had made front page but once she opened it the title referred to Matty as a loose ex. 

Luke convinced Jenna it was a nice piece and she had to celebrate making sure she doesn’t call Ethan to change the title. But she does make a fool of herself when she asks her friends if they read the website she writes on. 

It went viral and Matty found out. Things go to a bad when Matty goes angry and he tells his side of the break with Jenna crying and saying sorry.

Yup the ending is back to the usual drama. But the best part was how Lisa breaks up with Jake because they both wants different things. His reaction was like ‘Damn women are complicated’ 😂