Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E23): “Greg and Larry”

Review: When Jake and Rosa find out that Holt’s friend from the FBI, Bob Andersonn, is secretly working for Jimmy “the Butcher” Figgis, they worry that something might’ve happened to Holt, as he isn’t picking up his phone.

Thanks to Gina and her GPS-tracking phone, Jake and Rosa find out that Holt is still at the hospital with Bob. With Scully and Hitchcock in tow, they take off. When they get to Agent Wheelan’s room, however, they found out that they might be too late…

And they’re right. After discussing different kinds of rice (yes, really) and the horrors of Agent Wheelan (the other agent secretly working for Figgis) once wearing a v-neck as a clear indicator of his sneaky ways, Holt went to get him and Bob some food. But when he went back to the room to get his forgotten wallet, he caught Bob, right as he’d just killed the comatose agent! Bob then took Holt hostage. 

Knowing that they’re still in the building, Jake tries to find Holt by getting into his head and thinking like him. Jake’s Holt impression continues to make my day! They find a trail that Holt has left for them, marking the H’s on hospital signs with Jake’s chocolate bar. Following a trail of chocolate is exactly why Scully became a cop! 

Meanwhile, Amy and Charles decide that they should go back to New York, having figured out that Bob is working for Figgis. Amy says goodbye to her new prison friends and they head over to the airport, where there don’t seem to be any flights. Amy, who’s still in her pregnancy suit, uses her prosthetic belly to get them first class tickets to New York. 

In the plane, they already plan out their quickest escape after they land in New York. Amy is very tense, and not even Katherine Heigl and 27 Dresses can calm her down. So Charles gets them blankets, a box of tissues and some Sundays. That always works for me, too! Amy and Charles have a heart to heart about Holt and Jake, and Amy realizes that she still needs much more approval from Holt and that Jake doesn’t know that she loves him “so much”. Boyle, on the other hand, wants his upcoming child to meet Jake, because he doesn’t want to “hang out with some stupid baby who’s never met Jake”! 

Eventually, the Nine-Nine cops find out where Bob has taken Holt: the roof! On the roof, they find Bob with Holt. Bob says he planned on throwing Holt off the roof and that he’s called for back-up. Then, Terry shows up out of nowhere with Gina, tackling Bob to the ground. But with Bob caught and Holt safe, the cops’s next challenge is to get Bob out of the hospital without falling in the hands of Bob’s back-up. 

But after Bob mentions that Figgis doesn’t just have men inside the FBI but also the NYPD, Rosa comes up with a solution: her place! Which, no one has ever been to! The cops dress up as hospital staff – with Terry’s bulging muscles on full display – and try to get Bob out of the hospital as a patient. Figgis’s men, dressed in black with guns – and not just so they’ll look cool – complicate their escape, though, and Holt ends up being the one who can smuggle Bob out as a mental patient with Gina as Serena Williams. 

At Rosa’s place, everyone is surprised at how lovely it is and not filled with weaponry. Haah. But even there, Bob doesn’t want to spill the beans about the FBI file the Nine-Nine cops need. The Nine-Nine cops all do their part in trying to convince Bob, but nothing seems to work…

Until Figgis finds them. With a sniper. The cops keep Bob safe by hiding in Rosa’s panic room and Bob finally tells Jake where the missing file is. Jake and Rosa go to find the file and when they return and let everyone out of the panic room, Jake reveals that Bob fell into their glorious trap! Figgis and the sniper? Actually Amy and Charles, who cut the power in Rosa’s apartment and pretended to be the sniper. Nailed it! 

A week later, Holt tells the Nine-Nine cops that Bob and over 75 of Figgis’s men have been arrested. Unknown still is Figgis’s location, but Holt is sure that they’ll find him soon so Pimento can return to the precinct. 

Finally, Amy asks Jake to move in with her. Jake doesn’t even hesitate! But then, he gets a call from Figgis, who threatens both him and Holt. Cut to a month later, when Jake steps out of his new house to grab the morning newspaper and greet his neighbor: Holt! Holt, who is now Greg, and who calls Jake, Larry. Greg and Larry in witness protection. Welp, that sure explains the episode title!