Lucifer (S01E12) “#TeamLucifer” Review

“Team Devil”

Was wondering when we would get to Satanists… While the Black Church puts on a show someone decides to make a real sacrifice of a 19 year old girl, Rose Davis behind the dark curtain after the fake sacrifice. Meanwhile Lucifer and Maze play with sharp objects still unsure why Lucifer is immortal sometimes but mortal other times. Maze (as well as the rest of us) is already convinced that Chloe Dekker is the source though Lucifer continues with denial. But after 3 weeks Chloe is done with Lucifer dodging her calls and brings him in on a case that hits close to home. No one likes posers as Lucifer discovers his fan club starts sacrificing real people. Lucifer of course is appalled. And remember that old evangelical who was crying “The Devil is here” stuff a few episodes back and Lucifer gave him a dose of real devil? He crashes the crime scene calling Lucifer a bunch of names that to most sound insulting then Malcolm (ugh) to Lucifer’s greater distaste starts playing Devil’s Advocate getting buddy buddy with Luci but just making all of us uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable, Chloe gives Dan the cold shoulder even though we know he didn’t send that text. However, Lucifer also decides to keep his distance from Chloe afraid of how vulnerable she makes him. Lucifer and Chloe pay a visit to Rose’s father finding her secret devil worship room. It’s always a chicken. They find a clue as to who was Rose’s boyfriend which Dan helps with. Boyfriend’s name is Corizone. Of course Dan has his own personal space issue with Malcolm who doesn’t seem to know the concept as he rubs in how he beat Dan up. Then Amenadiel jumps Malcolm in the parking garage where surprise the human no longer feels afraid of Heaven’s messenger, which leaves our angel with no plan to put his brother back in hell. Lucifer continues to keep a five foot radius as Chloe plays word jumble with Rose’s implanted letters and Lucifer thumbs through the Dark Church’s bible. Not surprisingly Lucifer likes the sex parts. And we all remember last episode about Lucifer’s problem with the goat? The letters spell a latin phrase “Children of the Goat”. So Lucifer and Chloe (once more taking separate cars) visit the Dark Church where Lucifer shows his “I.D.” At the door. Real thing is scary isn’t it?


“Satan Got Your Goat?”

Lucifer and Chloe witness a memorial for Rose that turns into a dark circus with HELLO a goat representing Lucifer. That’s where Lucifer draws the line though at first the Satanists are impressed with his charisma and outrage. Chloe and Lucifer then interview the High Priest Onyx (but his human name is Watson). His darkest desire is to kill the guy that killed Rose then he wants out of the church. The philosophy’s great but like with every faith it has it’s share of weirdos. The knife isn’t even real but they do have a real dagger which is missing. As Watson goes to find Corizone’s information Lucifer tours the art in the room. Needless to say he’s livid. Chloe tries to delve deeper into Lucifer’s psyche (still believing he’s playing a persona). But only an angel can hurt another angel which makes Lucifer think Chloe is an angel (causing his vulnerability). He starts feeling her up checking for wings (kinda sending mixed signals, Luci). Though Chloe is gorgeous I doubt she’s a member of the angel club. Maze drops by with take out at Amenadiel’s place finding him very put out. He’s quite disappointed with himself as he fails to put Lucifer back into hell and on top of that he’s sleeping with a demon. But Maze has a great amount of self esteem. She also says that she’s never known a guy like Amenadiel in the sack as well as in life. You might think she actually means it… or does she? Maze suggests that if Amenadiel is unhappy he should go home but he refuses to go back a failure. Maybe God should send Michael to do the job… Now Chloe and Lucifer find out Corizone’s real name is Mike. As Chloe goes up for a shower giving Lucifer instruction not to wake Trixie, Lucifer of course wakes Trixie bribing her with chocolate cake to give him some info. But Trixie wants cash (Lucifer may be starting to warm up to this little rascal). Unfortunately Lucifer doesn’t find any scars or hint that Chloe is an angel. Thankfully they get a call finding Mike’s body hung from the rafters of a warehouse with Satanist marks carved into him. There goes our first suspect.


“Devil’s Unwanted Advocate”

Lucifer is very shocked and appalled by this supposed love letter to him as Chloe and Dan find his name “MorningStar” painted at the scene. Someone must know that Lucifer is the real deal. Dan thinks Lucifer is involved in this crime somehow but Lucifer hears this and is consumed with outrage. Lucifer may encourage bad behavior but he does not condone such evil as human sacrifice. Chloe tells Lucifer to go home. Instead Lucifer goes to Linda to share his emotional crisis. Lucifer hates being vulnerable (physically and emotionally) suggesting maybe Chloe is part of a plan to destroy him. Linda suggests that maybe he should stay away from Chloe but to Lucifer’s surprise he doesn’t want to. Stopping by Amenadiel’s place after their sexy roll in the sheets Maze has a chance to kill the angel but hesitates. Unfortunately Amenadiel catches her red handed (or less so). Maze looks contrite for once as Amenadiel flies out in a huff. On his not so peaceful walk home Lucifer is accosted by the protestors and the irritating preacher guy. Lucifer is about to go all devil on him when Malcolm shows up again. So they head inside The Lux for a drink to cool down. At the crime scene Chloe and Dan find a cuff link with the monogram “M”. Lucifer wears cuff links right? But that wasn’t an M. Lucifer makes the late night news when Chloe notices the preacher has the exact same cuff link but it’s a “W”! At Lucifer’s penthouse Malcolm keeps trying to buddy up to the devil. When Malcolm tries to get a high five Lucifer notices red paint on his hand. Now this guy was caught red handed literally. Malcolm is the killer who’s trying to pin the murders on the street preachers. But Lucifer is more disgusted than impressed. He’s just about had enough of people calling him evil incarnate. Just as Lucifer is about to punish Malcolm justly Amenadiel crashes the party. Lucifer and Amenadiel have a throw down getting out all that pent up rage and anger towards each other. They even wreck the bar! That is until Maze shows up. She’s had enough of being a pawn for both of them and walks out. Lucifer sulks at the bar downstairs as Chloe walks in. Lucifer opens up about how sick and tired he is for getting the blame for every disaster and evil done in the world when all he ever wanted was to be his own man. But Chloe finds the body of the preacher with a shot to the head. She thinks Lucifer did it and so puts him under arrest but I think we all know who’s really responsible.

I give this episode an A+. Very emotional. We really got to see our charming devil become vulnerable. Loved seeing Lucifer admit his own desires for himself as well as his usual spunk and ire dealing with Satanists (and the goat).