The Detour: (S01E03) ‘The Tank’

We now find out, the father stole the new product and stuffed it into the sides at the back of the car. But the mechanic found it and decided to knife it out. 

The reason why he is being investigated is because of stealing the products right under the nose of the security. 

But this episode tackled other important issues. Drinking while driving. The funny part was the mechanic installed an alcohol tester where you have to blow to be able to drive and if you don’t car starts honking and somehow a cop will show up. 

The end result also was that the mother isn’t always right. 😂 

Another part that was really funny was how the girl apologised for showing her ‘nipple’ something which some girls use to get out of a ticket 😂

But at the end of the day the kids managed to convince him using emotional blackmail😂

Great episode.