Chicago Fire (S4E19): “I Will Be Walking”


I’m still adjusting to the fact that the fire department does more than just stop fires. This is something I never thought about before. In “I Will Be Walking,” we hardly saw fire. However, with the multiple plot lines, this episode did bring the heat. 

Whether it was the bar olympics, Victor, or Otis’s medical scare, “I Will Be Walking” brought a new side of drama to Chicago Fire. Each plot arch was intensely captivating, as are the stories on any of Dick Wolf’s series. 

My favorite scene of the night was certainly the flirtatious lady with her tea date for her firefighter hero. Everyone’s acting was perfect for the emotions of each character in this scene. 

With only thirteen minutes left of the episode, we saw our first fire of the evening. It was actually kind of nice to save this intense scene for later in the episode, rather than first thing like it often is. 

Mat and Victor’s plot line was my favorite, of the serious ones during this episode. Mat’s determination to keep Victor safe paired with Victor’s unrelenting determination to walk to his gradation – despite fear for his life – is powerful to watch.

“I’m walking with you.” Mat declares towards the end of the episode, inside Victor’s home. 

“I’ll get my cap and gown,” Victor replies with a smile only to realize there are firetrucks and a line of firemen to protect them along the way.

It’s emotional. It’s inspiring. 

The closing line of this scene is the best throughout the whole hour show. Mat tells Victor at the entrance of his high school, “A hero’s not somebody who’s not afraid. It’s the guy who’s scared to death and does what’s right anyway.”

Through all of Dick Wolf’s NBC Chicago shows, viewers get a glimpse at two forms of heroes – the hero’s who save lives as an occupation and the hero’s who are fighters because of the way they handle the cards they are dealt in life. I look forward to watching more of these hero’s stories on Chicago Fire.