Chicago Med (S1E14): “Hearts”

Chicago Med never fails to intrigue me. Wolf and the other writers have the great ability to teach viewers about the medical world of their patients that I love. I learn something every episode, and only have to look away from the screen occasionally.

Anytime parents are suspected of abusing their children, I get upset, and highly interested in the episode. I love that Chicago Med is tackling these issues, and the complexity of them. Tonight’s episode brought an interesting case, where everything felt wrong with a family, but two doctors couldn’t determine if it was because of abuse or not. I knew from the beginning that Griffin, the eldest brother, was suspicious, and he just got creepier throughout the entire episode. For the young actor, he handled the party beautifully. This Griffin storyline is one of my favorites so far on Chicago Med because it kept developing. I felt like I was watching a mystery movie, with all the twists this plot arch took me on.

Then there was the vet with the heart beating in his head. He was the most obviously “crazy” in last night’s episode, but his character and storyline became so meaningful. When shown his beating heart as a reminder that the noise is, “A reassuring, comforting sound that your heart is there for you,” this patient breaks into tears. And so did I a little. I loved seeing two people with PTSD help each other, and I feel anyone could use this reminder. When you feel anxious or stressed to the point you feel your heart beat in an unusual way (that’s healthy), take it as a sign your heart is fighting with you, not against you.

Chicago Med’s “Hearts” tackled complicated issues in a well written and performed episode that kept my attention in a way some episodes don’t. A range of emotions were displayed, character’s further developed, and new personal conflicts have arisen for future storylines which I am eager to see play out.