Containment: (S01E01) ‘Pilot’

We have all been waiting for this one show which Julie Plec was going to make but it had nothing to do with vampires, werewolves & witches. 

Exciting, intriguing, captivating are a few words you can use to describe this episode especially when you got to see dead vampires and witches show up on the show. 

It is safe to say that if you ever get a job to be on The Originals or Vampire Diaries you will never get fired as Containement will be there to pick you up 😂

The central idea is that there is a virus that has been brought into the city by a Syrian and take note of the nationality as it is based on a bio-terrorism as in ISIS/ISIL genetically modified the virus which is Influenza A into such that it is now developed another way of transmission which is through fluids more or less the same way Ebola does.

What is funny is that they also use Ebola to compare it and even more to is that Ebola is considered as a CIA weapon which got out of hand or was unleashed and in this case in the series it’s by ISIS/ISIL.

Taking the best preventive and counter measures to avoid the virus going to many other cities they decided to put on a full quarentine and Atlanta has been closed.

Character wise there are too many characters but the main ones are the Major, Dr leading the operation, Dr at the hospital, Teacher, the cop & pregnant girl. 

Each one of them have their own stories and we will see many romantic interests in the future. 

But this series is surely worth a watch if you like conspiracy theories, threat assessments, politics and basically a little bit of diseases and biology stuff. 

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