New Girl (S05E15): “Jeff Day”

Review: Now that Winston’s gotten back into the dating game to get over Ally, it’s time for him to start thinking about his Plus One to Schmidt and Cece’s wedding. The girl he’s currently dating? Rhonda, an army reservist. But Schmidt isn’t all that excited about Winston bringing his “flavor of the month” to their wedding, as that means she’ll be in all the wedding photos, too. 

When they meet Rhonda, it turns out that Winston’s flavor of the month is just as much of a prankster as Winston himself. I can’t decide whether Rhonda might just be his soulmate or the worst thing to ever happen to him. Among Rhonda’s pranks? Pretending she was just stabbed, putting salt in Schmidt and Cece’s wine, and wearing a terrifying mask of Schmidt’s face. But when Cece and Schmidt revoke Winston’s Plus One – because Rhonda’s pranks leave them in a constant state of panic and they don’t want that at their wedding – Winston and Rhonda take their pranking to the next level… 

By getting married! And not in a fake way. Although that seems to be the prank and Winston is under the impression that they’ll get it annulled the next day. But when he meets Schmidt and Cece at the courthouse for the annulment, they’re greeted by a guy in a Rhonda-wig, who shows Winston a video of Rhonda. In the video, Ronda announces that she got called up for duty and is now somewhere across the world. Winston just got Rhonda-ed! How’s that for a prank? 

Secondly, when Jess wants to buy her dream used car from a sexist car salesman, she invents a male alter ego, Jeff Day, who sets up the deal through e-mail. But when the car salesman wants “Jeff” to sign the agreement and pick up the car in person, her plan backfires. With Sam the hunky doctor in surgery all day, Jess has to resort to asking Nick to play Jeff Day to win over the used car salesman. 

Nick, being Nick, gets a little carried away and instead of closing the deal for Jess, Nick and his fake mustache only end up befriending the car salesman and making matters worse. And when Sam calls Jess because he’s out of surgery much sooner than expected, he complicates matter even further by rushing to the dealership at the mere mention of Nick. 

When Sam gets there, Jess pretends Sam is her brother, Geoff Day. Geoff with a G and Jeff confuse the car salesman so much that he blames Jess for “bringing the drama” to his dealership. And that’s when Jess decides that she’s had enough. She demands to take her car on a test drive. During the test drive, Jess literally drives all the men nuts and scares the crap out of them with her driving until she gets everything she wants out of the deal AND gets Nick and Sam to at least pretend to get along when they’re around her. If only every issue could be resolved with a testdrive!