Blindspot: (S1E18) “One Begets Technique”


A familiar face returned to this week’s episode of Blindspot, “One Begets Technique” and it is within the first minutes that we are reunited. Everybody remembers Rich Dot Com (Ennis Esmer) right? The fast-talking, somewhat crazy genius mastermind? Well, he’s back and we reunite with him in prison where he has just beaten the pants off other inmates in a game of poker. His face-reading skills and intuition, coupled with his overly confident persona doesn’t go over too well and he ends up getting his arse beat. Meanwhile, after the tragic end to last week’s episode which saw Weller’s Dad collapsed on the floor, Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) is in the hospital, sitting at his bedside. Obviously, shaken and deeply hurt, he’s heard on the phone leaving a message for Sarah (Jordana Spiro) saying that “it’s just about making him comfortable”.  Our hearts break, but also wonder if this is the event that will once and for all pull Jane and Weller together; maybe Jane will come clean about her hidden ways. Maybe he’ll admit his feelings for her?

Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) has met with an old friend, Marcus, and is asking a favour of him. This favour involves attempting to clean up the image that Reade (Rob Brown) tracked down; funny thing is, we all know who exactly it is and let’s just say when they finally work out that it is Oscar (Francois Arnaud), what Jane does will be oh so interesting. Will she cover it up? At headquarters, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is quietly going through the photos she received from Oscar; these will help you remember, Weller needs to think you are remembering. Interrupted by the sound of someone entering the locker room, Jane puts them away and moves to see Weller. Extending her sympathies regarding his Dad, Jane says that maybe sometime he can take her to meet him; they embrace, and as it typical of the love triangle on Blindspot, none other than Allie (Trieste Kelly Dunn) interrupts this tender moment. Awkward.

After his beating in prison, Rich Dot Com has reached out to the FBI with an offer of information in exchange for transfer to a better prison. He says that he has information, high level, on Shohid Ahktar, a top runner of terrorist action all over the world. The catch is, he’ll only talk to Jane and Weller. Visiting him in prison, Rich Dot Com is so excited to have the team back together but his rantings are cut short by Weller and Jane; they want to know what information he has. The Gardener paintings, some of the most highly sought after paintings in the art world – he knows who stole them. Somehow, he’s made a deal with Shohid Ahktar, in which he promised to get them for him. But wait, how does he expect to do that from prison? Well that is where the FBI comes in. He proposes a plan; that they’ll fake his escape and he will work in conjunction with the FBI to catch out Ahktar. You can understand why they are so reluctant to follow through on this.

And reluctant is right. When they get Rich back to FBI headquarters, they learn that he doesn’t in fact have the paintings. That in fact, they have to steal them from the person, Professor Randall Turner, who stole them in the first place. To make matters worse, the place in which they are stored is a fortress. Security measure upon security measure that takes elaborate work to break into. But fear not, Rich has had enough time to organise how to pull this heist off. Decryption codes, palm scanners and smart watch security jammers are all they need to break into the safe. Sounds easy right? Not. With Rich, Weller, Allie and Jane tasked with the mission the rest of the team standby to make sure the Professor doesn’t activate his kill switch (if activated it could blow the whole place up). Working away swiftly, after a few minor hiccups, the team seems to be making headway when Turner is alerted to the power outage. He arrives home to find them in the midst of stealing these paintings. The girls battle him while Rich and Weller do their very best to retrieve the last of the paintings. With their success came the death of Turner; met with a shotgun once the last painting was taken down.

With the drop of the paintings secured and details confirmed – it is Gatsby themed party –Jane is given the green light from Mayfair to accompany Rich undercover. Weller expresses his concern, and that if anything goes wrong, he’ll be right there. Come on guys, Weller and Jane are undeniable right? They’ve got to happen. Anyway, as Rich and Jane make their way to the party, decked out in their “costumes”, he takes the opportunity to pick at the #Jeller situation even more. As they arrive at the party, it becomes shockingly obvious that the Gatsby theme was all a ruse. And add to that Shohid Ahktar is off his face, drug-addled and dancing while shooting guns. After inspecting the paintings Ahktar is not happy; they are fakes. What follows is an all-out gun battle between the FBI and ISI (Pakistani intelligence) while Jane and Rich chase Ahktar up to the roof. When Jane eventually subdues Ahktar, and the FBI and ISI realise they are fighting for the same thing, Rich Dot Com makes his move. As he stands on the edge of the roof, encouraging Jane to tell Weller how she feels, he jumps. But funnily enough, it isn’t to his death. He has a parachute. He gets away. He lands, and there is car waiting for him. The driver being none other than Boston Crab. And with that, our mouths are left agape and pretty impressed that he just pulled off that scam.

Pure and simple, they got played. The entire team. Got played. Rich Dot Com successfully pulled off a prison break, and art heist all in the same episode, all with the help of the FBI. It is understandable that the team are pissed and also completely done with the day. As the team disperses, Allie makes a bold statement to Kurt. She saw what there is between him and Jane, and telling him not to make it worse by denying it, she asks for space. We’ve got to give it to Allie, she has stuck around longer than most women probably would; she’s obviously in love with Weller, or feels very strongly for him, and to have to deal with what everyone can see as undeniable chemistry between Jane and him, it’s no surprise she needs space. This scene is followed with Jane finally meeting Kurt’s father in hospital; the reunion is emotional and made all the more viscerally effective by the fact he is dying. When he asks Jane if she remembers him, she pauses. Flashbacks occur, and she struggles with whether to dive into another line of deception or tell the truth. She lies. Saying she remembers. And even when Kurt questions her, she mentions fishing. Could this be a road that Jane can’t turn around on? Has she now started down a path that could see her relationship with Weller thrive or die when the truth eventually comes out? Oh the drama.

Elsewhere, Marcus has had no success in cleaning the photo for Mayfair and with continued encouragement for dinner and to date, Mayfair abruptly leaves. But, as she returns to her car, she does call Alexandra and they share a very flirtatious exchange, in which they arrange to meet up next time she is in New York. But wait. No sooner has Mayfair ended the call, does a hooded figure jump into the back of her car. “Don’t shoot” and talk about reveal, it’s Sophia. Yes, that’s right. Sophia; Mayfair’s ex-wife/fiancée/partner who committed suicide and is supposed to be dead. But now obviously isn’t. Anyone else so here for this new twist?

Other Key Notes:

  • Boston Crab, the art forger, was absolutely hilarious. And his snarky banter with Patterson that was a highlight.
  • Does anyone think Rich has anything to do with Jane and her tattoos? Thoughts?