The 100: (S03E12) ‘Demons’

This episode will deal with the demons of Clarke’s past. Well specifically, the unrelenting Emerson. I swear this guy will not die.. Until this episode of course.

Even though I’m glad this finally happened and that annoyance is put to rest, I was a bit disappointed that this episode had nothing to do with the task at hand – stopping Ally.

I’m still not a big fan of the Ally plot but I guess we need to remember that The 100 is based many years into the future so its supposed to be high tech. I guess all the forestry and medieval clothing confused my judgment.

However, even though I’m starting to follow this plotline doesn’t mean I love it all of a sudden. Its just something I want out the way.

And another thing… How many people are the show going to kill off? I mean every week its a new beloved member. St.Claire wasn’t a huge character but his been with us from the start and acted like a father figure to Raven. It seems by the end of this season we’ll be left with no one.

Other than that, I liked this episode it was strong but not the seasons best.