The Flash (S02E18) “Versus Zoom”

Once again we were introduced to what inspired Barry in becoming the Flash in the first place in a flash back sequence of 15 years ago when he witnessed his mother being killed only to jump to somewhere around the same time frame of Earth-2 with Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom’s origin story of what made him into a vicious killer but I’ll get to that in a moment!

So in this episode we have the tacion (or however its spelled) device created for Barry to increase his speed so that he can run successful into the breech for Earth-2, but for that time that Barry was gone I think we all know where he really ended up (hint: if you watched the Supergirl crossover I’m hinting at that) because Barry even asked how long was he gone for, which I just assume he must’ve multi-versed on his own or something with the boost of speed. But anyway, Barry and the team work on finding a way to recreate the breech when it hits them, that Cisco could very well do what his Earth-2 doubleganger had mastered in doing which is opening rifts into other worlds. When Cisco is about to open the door to the multi-verse Zoom/Jay/Hunter (whatever the hell hes calling himself) is there waiting for him to open the breech so he can come back through to take Barry’s speed. But Cisco is so afraid he closes the breech, begging Barry and Wells to never ask him to do it again. There then ends up being the most epic Star Wars reference ever with a long talk with Barry and Cisco. Cisco feeling like he can’t let down his best friend Barry he tries again which leads up to Zoom coming through, Barry and Zoom then have a speed off around the entire city but then ends up in Star Labs training room where Barry added faces of Zoom’s past that got Zoom distracted where Barry took the opportunity to knock Zoom to his knees. Which then ends up with Barry unmasking Zoom revealing Jay/Hunter Zoloman/ Dr. Wells creation of evil (because the particle accelerator gave Hunter his speed abilities) it then leads to a interrogation between Barry and Jay/Hunter/Zoom. In the end of the episode Barry sacrifices his speed force to Zoom so that Wally can be freed from Zoom’s grasp (such a dick move Zoom!) and then kidnaps Caitlin! How will Barry get his speed back? Find out in future episodes!

I honestly have to say that this episode did have its moments, but the parts that I think we all have to be thankful for in this episode is when Hunter Zolomon revealed that he took a form of himself from apart of his timeline to get close to Team Flash which then lead to Caitlin falling in love with that timeline version of Hunter Zolomon. But it still leaves us with the big question, who is in the Iron Mask? All what we got from Zoom was “that one will really blow your mind away, you wouldn’t want to know that one” its like really? Your going to tease us again dudes! But overall it was a good episode!

Next episode will be: The Flash S2 E19:Back to Normal which will air Tuesday April 26,2016