The Odd Couple: (S02E03) “From Here to Maturity”


The episode opens with Oscar and his new girlfriend Alison taking selfies. At the other end of the couch are Felix and Emily. Emily makes jokes about Alison being so young. Alison keeps checking how many likes their pictures get on social media. But then Alison follows Emily and she gets excited and follows Alison back. Alison gets called to work so Oscar escorts Alison to her apartment where she is a nanny for Charlotte. She lives in their building. Charlotte doesn’t like Oscar and offers him a drink of scotch that is 20 years old but then asks if that is too old for him. Alison doesn’t hear this because she has gone off to get her present for Oscar which is a teddy bear. Alison takes a picture of Oscar and the teddy bear together and then Alison runs off. When Oscar leaves, Charlotte says that if Oscar subtracts Alison’s age from his age, the number would still be older than Alison. Charlotte even says that if things don’t work out with Alison, she is sure that Oscar can make some girl born in the mid-nineties happy. Oscar asks his friends Dani, Teddy, & Felix for a comeback. They tell Oscar that he must like Charlotte. He actually talks about Charlotte more than he talks about Alison. Alison comes up to the apartment and is excited because the picture of Oscar and the bear has 200 likes. Felix comes up and silently hits the like button and Alison excitedly says 201 likes.

Oscar goes down to the restaurant and asks for a certain table so that he can break up with Alison. Felix had taken Emily to some kind of marionette show so then he shows up at the restaurant with a marionette that looks just like Emily. Then Felix makes dinner plans but Emily doesn’t really want to go. Dani gives Emily posture tips and tells her to stand up for herself. Emily talks Felix into going somewhere she wants to go. Alison shows up to meet Oscar all happy saying that lunch is her favorite meal. Alison takes the breakup well saying she enjoyed their time together and hopes they can keep in touch and then she squeezes a juice box all over him, takes a picture, posts it, and smiles.

Then Oscar shows up at Alison and Charlotte’s apartment saying he broke up with Alison that day. Charlotte says Alison was so upset that she needed to take a sick day and her son spilled juice all over the couch. Oscar says he is now free to ask Charlotte out on a date. She slams the door in his face. Oscar knocks again, Charlotte answers but still won’t go out with him so he closes the door himself this time.

Felix and Emily are at the rap concert that Emily wanted to attend. Felix is miserable and wants to leave. Emily is having fun. Emily tells Felix to have the decency to stay and try to enjoy what she likes. Felix thinks she likes all the things he has dragged her to but she tells him she doesn’t. Felix then loudly criticizes the music while the music stops so everyone can hear him. She says “If you are so miserable, why don’t you just leave?” So Felix leaves.

Felix arrives home and Oscar admits that it didn’t go well asking out Charlotte. Felix and Oscar agree to go down to the restaurant for a drink. They are in the elevator and Charlotte overhears Felix and Oscar talking about her but they don’t know she is on the elevator because two workmen are on the elevator with Charlotte’s couch. She is hidden behind the couch. When everyone gets off the elevator, Oscar realizes she was there and heard all that and asks if that means she will go out with him and she says no. Felix had ducked out saying he would take a rain check on that drink. Charlotte says she will see Oscar around the building.

Emily must have called Dani and asked her to join her because Dani shows up to keep Emily company. Then the dj announces Felix Unger as the next performer and sure enough, Oscar gets up and raps about their relationship. Emily is touched.

This episode wasn’t that funny. I am getting tired of the problems between Felix and Emily. At first they were cute together because they are both so quirky but now it is just getting old. It is becoming obvious they are too different to work as a couple. It was a cliché to have Oscar date a much younger woman. I was expecting more from The Odd Couple. What did you think of the episode?