Vikings: (S04E10) ‘The Last Ship’ [Mid-season finale]

What an epic mid-season finale. Yes you heard it right mid-season we will be seeing more of Vikings this year. 

With no mention of Wessex this time around it was fully focused on Ragnar’s second attack against his brother. With fierce fighting and a lot of casualties Ragnar was forced to retreat. 

Hollo got rewarded as the prince while Count Hollent and his sister killed by the King for their backstabbing. 

Ragnar took the defeat real hard and disappeared for quite some time. Like previously we had a time jump with all the kids all grown up and the whole city bigger than the last time almost like a whole new densely populated civilisation had started Ragnar showed up and the whispers emerged. 

Not very welcome this time, after his sons found out that Ragnar knew about the settlement being destroyed and also another news about Magnus who was 12 now. 

He begins to taunt his children to kill him offering his sword to the crowd at the start but no one moved. 

It is safe to say that he will be King again.